Wednesday, June 24, 2009

thinking of rain

its supposed to rain to day,witch is good. I'm taking a day to recover from all the yard work i did yesterday. i am sore ,not so much that i cant move but sore know shrubbery is much more than you think,especially the juniper tam. the branches interweave and the thicker ones are hidden,ware you cant see them,at least until you try to cut them with the clippers that are not right for the job,than you have to brake out the hand clippers,and squeeze.with RA that is a recipe for pain.and you know after all that work when i was cooling down i actually had a craving for a smoke,it passed but for a while it was pretty strong.i don't have many cravings nowadays,but every so often.....well i need a drink and the coffee is gone,time to search.latter.

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