Tuesday, December 15, 2009


wow i cant believe that is been that long,I've bean having trouble with my inter net connection.qwest is not living up to promises. although i had a tech out yesterday and it seems to be fixed.weather has been cold,like Lowe's at 11 degrees in the morning and highs at 27 degrees in the after noon. well that was last week. now its in the 40s and raining,much more normal weather.so I'm still getting out every day and walking at least three miles,and I'm thinking about making it longer.the only question is when, now or after the first of the year? if i cant decide it means that later is probably better.got all my Christmas shopping done and got it through to all my family that we want to stay home for once. after ten years i think that we have earned it.funny that with how i feel about religion no one has asked me how i can celebrate Christmas. don't forget that these days it is more secular than not. besides pagans had it for thousands of years before the Christians stole it.well that's that for now.