Saturday, October 31, 2009

the end ...untell the begining.

well the day is hear,at 1259 pm i am going to disconnect my cable modem.this is because they cant get their billing straight.see an earlier Post. so i hope to be back on line by thanks giving.unfortunately my d drive is broke and the only internal drives that i can afford are to big,so i got an external one instead. it should work.this is important because most ISP's want you to load a driver which includes a disk, any way i have lost at least 20 lbs by now which covers the weight that i gained by quiting is all positive territory from now on.i wish every one well,and will be back as soon as i can. Robert(Bob) Wallace.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

sunny saturday

it was a nice day,unfortunately my reading glasses broke so i have to squint a Little to see what I'm writing.but it was a nice day,cool but sunny.well I'm going to keep this short so i don't get a head ache. latter.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

thursday flu?

kid got sent home yesterday with a fever,this morning he was a Little warm ,but no other symptoms. now they said that one of Matty's class mates was definitely diagnosed with H1N1,so was that what Matty has? i don't know. with only fever its hard to just makes me enjoy my walk Even more because at least I'm healthy fore now. as long as i can make my eye appointment ill be OK. i think i will go out for a walk as long as i can stand,i think we do better with fighting off disease when we fight. within reason of course. at least its not raining,not that it would stop me but the poncho is not as comfortable as i had hoped.

Monday, October 19, 2009

no rain today

it was a good walk,my favorite kind of weather,not to warm not to cold lots of clouds,so no blinding know some times i wish i could blog while i was walking.i think of so many things that are gone by the time I'm home.i was listening to my MP3 on my walk(of course) and a song came on that was one of my favorites when i was 14. JUMP by VAN HALEN.and i got to thinking that this is playing on the oldie's stations now.normally when i think of these things i feel a Little older,but not this time.what does that mean? am i OK with getting older? have i come to terms with middle age? i don't know.maybe i will figure it out some day,probably when I'm like in my sixties and starting to really get old.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


other than that life is good,doing good on my walk and i think I'm under 300 LBS now.i mean the scale is broken but it still gives a reading,it says my wife is like ten or fifteen LBS more than she is and it says I'm 295 so i think I'm definitely under much is anyone's guess but still.clothes are fitting differently now will get better as long as i keep trying.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

rain time

so the rain is hear now. i went out for a walk,and had to finely use my poncho i bought,at least three problems(things i didn't think about)that brought down my didn't bring them down to much,but would think that i would think of the fact that poncho's don't have sleeves.good thing that fleece behaves a lot like wool,it still keeps you warm even when its wet.also that which keeps water out will keep moisture in,so i still got soaked just with sweat,and last but not least...the neck hole is not big enough for the hood on my fleece jacket+my head phones.i made it work OK but next time i think i will ware a different for the walk itself,...well i ran across four people,and only one looked like he wanted to be there,he was in his late sixties and jogging like he had a very slow devil after him.the others looked like they couldn't believe they were out there and couldn't get to there car fast enough.i don't know how i looked but i felt good and enjoyed was a very nice walk all considered,and that's a good thing because they say its going to be like this until Sunday.I figure that after this the next real challenge at least weather wise will be when the freezing rain starts.I'm looking forward to that,that will be a real challenge,and if it comes down to a matter of will i will prevail.i just know it.well i need to do things in the real world so be well.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


a nice day.

six days later

walking this week went better i took pictures,and i think they came out well.going almost three miles now,and I'm not stopping to i think I'm doing scale is still a piece of shit,although i think I'm the one who broke it but still.ill just wait until i see my Doctor in looks like the nice weather is about to go away,but that's OK i got my rain gear,I'm ready for what ever hits me .....OK maybe not a truck but that's unlikely.well I'm going to watch the sea hawks today,with any luck they wont loose.that kinda makes my day of rest suck.not a lot to write about to day but thought id check in.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I.S.P hell

so right now i get my Internet through "ADVANCED STREAM"well they suck.i pay my bill,the bank says that i pay my bill,but they say that they have no record of i go down to the payment center and show them my bank statements,and they are all "oh OK all is good now"and now they are calling me and saying that they have no records of my payment.oh yeah? well fuck them.there are way to many I.S.P company's out there to put up with that shit.i don't know which one I'm going to chose(I'm thinking QUEST)but i might have to take a few days any way my wife needed to get some new slippers,and we had to go to the mall to get them.half of my walk was there,and than we went to wapato park to walk around the lake.nice day all considered.maybe tomorrow will be better.

Friday, October 2, 2009

yep, broke.

that damn scale says I'm still the same weight,more so it says that my wife is gained weight, a lot of weight,witch she hasn't. if she did she would fit in some clothes that she used to ware when she was at that weight.any ways,bought a poncho for when it starts to really rain.that should be good.not a lot to say to day,looks like a cloudy day ,kinda cool.have a lot of time to think when I'm walking ,but by the time i sit down here i don't remember all that i thought about.maybe that's a good thing.