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h8red42's response to streetpreacherUSA "pants on women video"

this idea that morality comes from an imaginary "God"does tend to explain why Christian morality is so misogynistic

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Religion & politics

this is in regards to the last post on Obama.This is a h8red42 blog exclusive! I am not uploading this to you tube,i need to figure out how to do both.

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Vaccines and Autism: Part 2- The Crime and Punishment (HD):

this ass hole has caused the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of children,now that we know that he faked the whole thing do you think he has lost any followers? no. stupid people are still not immunising their children,putting the whole population at risk.this video was put together by an MD you can find more of his work on you tube under Donexodus2.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Have you ever wondered, WHO IS ALLAH ? WHAT IS ISLAM ? WHO IS MUHAMMAD ?...

this is a christian video,i know odd for me but i think it does make some interesting points.considering the round about way that religion has evolved from the pagan myths that came before ,its not to hard to imagine that the origins described in the video just might be the way i was given the heads up on this video by everybody draw Muhammad day from face book.funny thing that,that one day on may 20Th is still going strong over a month latter,....

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Why religion is dangerous!

i ran across video on the proud atheists blog thought i would re post it makes some really good points very succinctly hear is a Linc to the proud atheist blog

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religion and conspiracy

religion and conspiracy
 it seems that religion and conspiracy theory's affect the brain in similar ways. religious thought  occupies the temporal lobe, where as rational thought occupies the frontal lobes. the same discord can be seen in religious and nonreligious thought.
it seems that both religious and conspiratorial thought  is handled by the regions of the brain that handles emotional process,AKA the temporal lobe.
It would also seem that rational thought as well as disbelief in religion occupies the frontal lobe.
why is this? several studies have been done, one by SAM Harris showing some interesting results.

it would seem that the persistence of conspiracy theory's,and religion are due to the same brain process.a joining of agent detection and early man being able to see an influence behind unseen action was an evolutionary advantage,it was better to see a threat where there was none than to not see a threat where there was.if you perceived a threat and there was none you would live to see another day,but if you failed to see a threat and there was one you would likely be seeing threats in every unexplained action was a life saver at one time.
as the ability to feel empathy developed we began to imbue the unseen agent with a persona,and that began our affair with gods,a curious affliction that has been the baine of modern life.
since the advent of technology our life has sped up in such a way that our brain development could not keep we technologically lost the need for god ,our brain could not escape the millions of years of conditioning and sought to fill the gaps with conspiracies.
every large event in modern times has had its conspiracy theory,from Pearl harbor to the resent BP oil spill,it would seem that you cant turn around to day without running in to a conspiracy.
some say it is a way to comfort ones self,this doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.i find that the conspiracy theories are very much the opposite of comforting,maybe it is the feeling of knowing some thing that you think that only a select few know that some find comforting.i don't know.
its when you confront a believer of religion/conspiracy with the facts that refute their beliefs that you find that they will hang on to their beliefs,and even get upset that you don't share there beliefs. this is where we need to try to reconcile the two strangely similar thought process.where as religion has as  its unseen agent GOD, conspiracy has the amorphous "THEM"the name changes depending on who you are talking to,but it is always the same "kind"of entity.all powerful,and all knowing,kind of like god.the main difference is that the evil entity for the conspiracy is the same as their "THEM" where as religion usually has a separate entity. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

establishment clause?

i was just wondering,why is a church sending stuff home with my kid in his school work?this isn't the first time it has happened,i look in his back pack and there are flyer's from a local church.the bad part is that my son is disabled and unable to communicate.
just what is happening at school?its not like they will admit anything,and I'm an ass hole for asking,or so it seems.
how would you feel if this came home with your child?
am i over reacting to this?

Monday, May 31, 2010

A new religion?

OK I have to say that now i think that the 9/11 truth movement has crossed the line in to the religious.I made a video only mildly rebutting the new conspiracy theory that the BP oil spill is a big conspiracy,in the video i said in passing "I don't by the 9/11/conspiracy ether"that's it.but that is all that people have gotten hung up on.they don't dispute that the oil spill isn't a conspiracy(not yet)but i mentioned that i don't believe that 9/11 was an inside job?"
for the love of fuck! you would think i had told a bunch of Evangelicals that Jesus was a fraud,which i do on occasion.
from people calling me naive,to fat jokes,to "ILL TEAR YOU A NEW ASS HOLE!" all for stating that i don't believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy.
The truthers have become dogmatic.that is the only way i can interpret it.
their GOD is fear,their Satan is their own government,and we have to fight this "Greatest Evil"ahhh shit.whats next? sure right now they are a fringe movement,....i hope. but so was Christianity for the first four hundred years.
Will there be a 9/11 Inquisition ?will the victims become our saviors?will they have died for our sins?
Will the hairless monkey that is Human ever grow up?
hear is the video so you can see how Little i talk about 9/11.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I was reading Atheist revolution
And i was moved by an article on the coming hardening of the religious right as warned of by an article by Dan Kennedy of the guardian.
This has been brewing for a very long time. The funny thing is i have noticed that the rise of the new atheist movement has been in steep with the rise of the religious right.
It seems that the harder they push the more they drive away those who only slightly believe the storeys.will they really achieve the theocracy that they want? no i don't think so.
they might make life difficult for a while,but i think that the more that they push the more people will see the crazy. i think that there will be many who will be put off by the restrictive nature of the deeply religious.
freedom is a lot nicer than going back to the twelfth century.i would suggest that the religious right study the myth of"Pandora's box".

Sunday, May 23, 2010

sex work

So i took part in a discussion about sex workers the other day,now my position was based on my personal experiences As a homeless drug addict,which put me in contact with a lot of people that live on the margins of society.
my point was not religious in nature but many others were. some referenced the puritan back ground of America as the major influence towards our current attitudes on sexuality.
and they were not wrong.Americans have had a schizoid relationship towards sexuality, since the founding of the nation.early swim suits were little more than woolen bags.
we have come a long way since then,but our attitudes are still very split.
It seems that this country is still mired in the "Madonna/whore"dichotomy Where as a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality is seen as a whore,yet our culture has constantly sexualized almost everything,even little grills as young as kindergarten.
I mean have you seen some of the things that are on the rack at the local department store?
the fact that we criminalize sexual behaviour at the same time as we vigorously promote it is at the hart of religion.the church has been working very hard to create this problem.
from the very beginning they have striven to overcome the natural urges in the name of piety .that is why we now have the anti gay movement,along side pedophile priests.
as well as the "new"feminist movement that for some reason is anti-sex.seeking to criminalize all sex work,porn,striping,and prostitution.even if all he participants are consenting be fair people being forced into sex work against their will is wrong and should be illegal.
however those who choose of their own free will to do sex work should be allowed to do so.cultural/religious Morales be damned.
Porn has a limited use in our society,i wouldn't plaster it on prime time T.V but for consenting adults,fine.
I never cared for striping personally,but if women choose to do that as work,I'm OK with that.
As for prostitution,well i look at it this way,if person A wants a "cheese Burger",and person B gives a rely good"cheese burger",and is willing to provide said "burger"for a price i see no reason why that trans action shouldn't take place.
The only valid argument that i can see against prostitution is the drug addiction angle.
which i address in my video.
I encourage all reply s, Thank You.

Friday, May 21, 2010

About yesterday....

So yesterday was draw Muhammad day,did i participate? no,to put it simply.
i had taken part in a protest about four weeks ago at the time that the death threats came out about south park,you know when it was relevant to current the "have you seen this man ?"campaign by gothatfunk was a civil one.even getting some Muslims to participate,not by drawing Muhammad of course ,but participating short it was a positive event in the end.draw Muhammad day was less so,the spirit was there,but since it had festered for a month a lot of negativity came out.
in the end whole country's had their Internet shut off. reducing the amount of free speech in the world,not defending the bans on certain web sites is temporary ,and when they come back it will all still be there,the Internet is forever as we all know.
i can't help but wonder what the long term consequences will be from all of this?
will this help or hurt our relations with Islamic country's?
will this lead to Islam taking a more moderate path?
can we pull something positive out of this whole debacle?
i sure would like some answers to these questions,and i think that time will tell.
in the end. here is my may nineteenth video explaining why i won't do draw Muhammad day,i had debated this with my self for some time ,and when i saw a video by itsthesuperfly i made up my mind.
to wrap this up ,....I'm not the type of guy to go around travelling on my own turds.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My evolution battles

now battles might be to strong of a word for it ,but irritant isn't strong enough. i have been watching videos a lot lately that are trying to disprove i know that evolution and religion have nothing to do with one another but some one forgot to tell the fundies,or at least they weren't listening.considering that as much as 68% of Americans don't accept evolution ,or science in general in my mind this is one of the major Battle lines in the war on reason. this is linked to religion by religion ,i don't know how to fix this any other way but to speak out often and non stop.although i think that my lack of advanced degrees is holding me back hear.well at this time it cant be helped ,I AM WHAT I AM! enjoy the video,i mean it about sasquatch.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

the former high priest of Satan,yeah right.

this was an answer to an atheist making a "no true Scotsman "fallacy.well actuality it is my clarification.

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I thought that i would put my two cents in on i just need to spell check before i up load. oh well,i will get better. this is a new medium to me.learning new ways to communicate has been the high point of going online for me.i hope this is enjoyable, well.
now i know that links haven't been working for my blog,but if you copy and paste you can see some of the science that backs up my claims.
national geographic
maybe the links will work now,ether way check them out,good learning to be had.
now i know that i was a little soft on religion in the video,but the audience i would like to reach with this message is a little sensitive on the subject.the truth is that the correlation between 68% not accepting evolution,and 70 to 80% of Americans being Christian is defiantly linked. but if i were to be pounding the atheist rhetoric they would be less likely to listen,and i want this meme to take.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Latest you tube venture.

well this is my latest video,thought i should be a Little more clear on who i am , and what i think. also why i chose my screen name h8red42. i like you tube,but it takes time. If you want to just fire off some thoughts blogger is the way to go,but you tube has a bigger potential audience.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

end 'o' the month

so the month of April comes to a close,and it couldn't come at a better time.the weather is getting nice,and i hope to put the resent Islam stuff behind,although i find all religion so be a bunch of silly bull shit,i find Islam to be dangerous to boot.
to start ones religion from a position of "Butt Hurt"and go from there is doing everyone a disservice . i for one am getting tired of the whole"we are a religion of peace,....if you don't believe me ill kill you."routine
so as this month ends this blog will archive and then i hope to go back to mentioning Islam as little as possible.not just be cause the religion is silly,not because Muslims can be dangerous,but because its boring too.
i can handle the boring of Christianity,mostly be cause they wont kill you if you disagree with them,but the inanity of Islam combined with the thereat?no. I'm tired of that.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Follow up of the "Have you seen me"follow up

just a quick note the protest is around 250 videos and growing, although not all are posted as video responses to the original video ,some are responses to other responses.kudos to gotthefunk for a great idea.I'm also happy to inform that as far as i know there have been no threats,or violence over the videos so far. i Even saw a few videos from moderate Muslims trying to agree with the protest in spirit if not bad they could not effectively condemn the actions of the extremists.

Friday, April 23, 2010

"have you seen me?" follow up

So yesterday i posted two videos about the protest over at you tube.the last time i checked there were 150 videos.not to bad of a response but we could do better.the followers of Islam do not get a pass on being offended.they are not above criticism.the fact that they feel justified in issuing death threats over the slightest offence is in itself offencive.i would encourage any one who reads this to go over to you tube and post a video response.the more people who stand up for free speech the safer the world will be.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Have You Seen This Man?

to protest draw a picture of Muhammad and post as a video response to this video.stand up for free speech.see my response below.

my protest video.

there is a protest on you tube over the death threats issued to Matt stone and Trey Parker of
"South park" this is my contribution.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

9/11 Conspiracy

I have put some thought into this although due to lack of time i will post later,but the video below does a nice job.also it was taken down at you tube due to a false DMCA claim,and we all know how i feel about that.

YouTube/Google Believes The Government Did 9-11(MIRROR)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Good old days

I have been searching the web for images to support a project I'm working on to upload to you tube.and i keep running across sites and videos pining for the "Good old days". mostly influenced by Glean Beck,and Bill O'Riley.all this whining for the simpler time makes me wonder,..Do they realize that that time never existed?
All it takes is a History Book,well an accurate one. there has never been a time that was simpler,and just seemed that way because they/we were children.
Life has always been complicated. the time that Bill&Beck seem to like is the fifties.mmmmmm polio,and small pox.not to mention the Draconian way that mental illness was treated.Misogyny was the norm,racism was rampant.and lets not forget that perennial shit stain Senator Joe McCarthy,and his House UN-American Activities Committee
oh yeah! THAT WAS SO UNCOMPLICATED! so many people were ruined by the simplicity.
The only reason that christian Conservatives want to "Return "to those days is that it reinforces their backwards beliefs.Paramount on the C.C rights.back in the 1950,s Homosexuality was considered a mental illness and the Gays could be locked up.that is why we lost the Genius "Alan Mathison Turing mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, and computer scientist. He was influential in the development of computer science and providing a formalisation of the concept of the algorithm and computation with the Turing machine, playing a significant role in the creation of the modern computer."(Quote from wickipedia)you see Turing was gay,and of course in the closet.when it was about to come out that he was Gay he chose to commit suicide rather than have his whole life savagely ruined right in front of his eyes. how much did society lose from this?
do we really want to go back to this?

Thursday, April 15, 2010


like i posted last i have been playing with my windows movie maker. now i don't have a real video camera but i can mix snapshots and other things.
It is a lot more difficult than i originally thought but i think I'm starting to get things figured out, hear is my first attempt.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


recent events on you tube ,and Face book have inspired me to investigate the windows movie maker that came with my OS. it has been fun learning about the new stuff and i think that once i get a hang of it it will change the way i do things.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Big weekend!

on Saturday we celebrated our tenth anniversary,today i celebrate my fortieth birthday.i have been wanting to post about a lot of things but i thought it would be better if i just sat back and enjoyed the weekend.but i have been trying to follow a story about the threats to over thirty governors,the Governor in Washington state being one. also,
now I'm still going to follow these storeys but I'm going to enjoy my self a Little more first. still can't seem to make the links work just copy and past to your search bar if they wont work for you.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


after two days I'm surprised to see that this story is not getting more fact my local news barely mentioned it.and i cant seem to wonder if it is getting a pass because they are christian.not that the court system will go easy on them,not with all the handy videos that they so thoughtfully shot for the prosecution.
no, i wonder if the Media and the American culture is giving them a pass.
just because they are that i mean if they were Muslim the news would be camped out in front of the court house,and any where else they could think of yammering on about the "sleeper cells" that were hiding in plain terrorists are infiltrating the Midwest E.T.C.
the sad fact is that terrorists are infiltrating the mid west,AND THEY ARE CHRISTIAN!
i saw on CNN how the other militia groups are distancing them selves from the huttaree saying "they aren't real Christians" and "real militias aren't like that."and i cant help but think that I'm going to take the huttaree at their word,they say they are christian and their web site says they are christian ,than they are christian.
i don't blame the other militias from distancing them selves from the huttaree,if i had a violent anti-government group and one of my buddy's was stupid and got busted,and i wanted to fly under the radar so that i could still carry out my plans to attempt
to over through the government i would distance my self too.
i hope the F.B.I is smart enough to keep following up on the militia movement,from what i have seen they are melding with the tea party,and are being fed by the far right christian Conservative movement as well
the militia wants to overthrow the government,and the christian right wants to establish a theocracy. the two combined are a dangerous monster hiding under our collective beds.
i for one don't want to look at a smoking pile of ruins and hear some talking head on T.V saying"why weren't we warned?" well we were.many just weren't listening,because no real christian would do that! Wanna bet?i will leave off with one last thought,...the federal building in Oklahoma city.
if the links don't work copy and past to your search bar.

Friday, March 26, 2010

god and morality

a seeming innocuous title but one that has been mistaken for a long time,to be honest it is my personal opinion that the two are mutually exclusive.or one having nothing to do with the other. ill start with the stuff closer to me than the other.
CENSORSHIP. now that is the main way that Christians have been dealing with challenges to their supposed fact i started to get vocal after some pages on face book got taken down,because they did some thing wrong? no they were just not christian and had the audacity to say so.they have been taken down and put back up several times now.other religious sites have been plastered by Christians trying to recruit /convert others over to their religion.on you tube,pro evolution and pro atheist videos are routinely flagged as offencive,bot attacked,and have had false DMCAs filed against them.all in an effort to prevent an alternative view from being much for "teach the controversy"and i my self have had complaints lodged against me for promoting hate speech on face book.i don't know who but if you don't like what I'm doing you can always unfriend me,or block me,or better yet debate me.CENSORSHIP IS IMMORAL!
SOCIAL INJUSTICE.from deaning homosexuals equal rights,to deaning science.those in the god camp are trying to force their way of thinking on all of us even those who don't share their point of view.i mean the establishment clause says explicitly "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion".but when "gay"marriage is made illegal isn't that what is happening? the only reason to be against "gay rights" is based solidly in religion.there is no rational argument against "gay rights"that is not based in religion.
as for deaning science,that is an attempt to keep people ignorant,because they know that knowledge leads to rational thought,and that leads to intellectual put it bluntly the more you know the less you need god,and so they try to get creation"science"taught along side real science. they try to foster distrust in science like the fear of vaccines,endangering lives. SOCIAL INJUSTICE IS IMMORAL!
and last but not least.....
the leadership of religion is immoral from the top down.from the pope and his brother engaging in sex scandal and cover ups,to all the priests molesting children,to the American preachers speaking out about the evils of homosexuality,...untell they are caught doing meth off their gay lovers ass.
and lets not forget all the fraud cases brought up on the American clergy like hovind,and baker,..ETC.
when you package that up with the fact that American prisons are between 70 to 80% Christan,the reasoning that god and morality have any thing to do with one another falls apart.I'm not saying that atheists are any better I'm just saying that believing in a story doesn't automatically convey morality.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heaven,Hell.and Eternity.

these concepts seem to play a heavy role on modern religion these days. well i think that it is time for me to put my two cents in.Ive thought about this a lot for the last few days.As i have stated in the last post this "Hypothesis"depend on whether one believes that a story is true.if you "BELIEVE/HAVE FAITH"in this story you will get to live forever,.....after you die.
now just where are you supposed to "live"?HEAVEN! "YEA!" there are two models of heaven that i can tell.the "candy land" and "praise land" first up,"CANDY LAND"
now candy land is where you get to meet all your long lost relatives/loved ones,everything is a Happy sunny day,all your wishes come true,every thing is perfect for all eternity.
i call this model of Heaven candy land because it is like a kid being stuck in a candy store,fun at first but after all the candy you can eat you stop appreciating candy,and it kinda makes you own analogy to this is when i worked in a donut shop.i loved donuts,until it was my job to make was store policy that you could eat as much as you the beginning i was thrilled,but after two hundred thousand donuts i couldn't stand the damn things.eleven years later i still don't like them very much.
candy land heaven seems to me like this,nice at first but after a while just sickening.
the second model "PRAISE LAND" says that in heaven you get to spend all your time praising the lord,all the time. just praise him,praise him,and praise him,...well that just sucks.had this room mate once(back in the donut days in fact)and he had a friend who was a total ego-maniac. when he would come over he would literally spend hours telling the whole room just how great he was,and when he got tired of that he would literally look me in the eye and say"I'm tired of talking about me why don't you talk about me for a while.",and he meant it! he wanted me to tell him how great he was!he seriously thought that was just the ticket to spending a super evening!
needless to say i hated this guy,always needing his ego stroked. i see praise land as being just like this,for eternity.i see god as just like this,only you can't threaten god with a knife and make him go away.
and now "HELL" if you don't believe the story you go there,where after you die your spirit gets taken ,and,... physically tortured.i have no idea how this works. what i do know is that when the bible mentions hell they are really talking about "Gehenna"which is a garbage dump outside the original gates of this dump they would burn garbage,and that is where the ultra poor and diseased would Christianity developed they added hel from the Norse myths,hades from the Greeks,and a few other pagan myths.HELL was never an original concept of Christianity,but the founders felt that they needed something to reign in the masses,and make them fear not belonging to the church more than the black plague and death which was all around them any way.
and now eternity,i don't think that any theist has given any serious thought about this.eternity seems like to much reword/punishment.just for believing/not believing in a story.i mean eternity is a really long time,really really long time.
the best analogy i can give is one i saw on YouTube,i cant remember who did it but I'm going to steal it any way.
imagine a ball of brass the size of the earth just hanging out in nothingness,and once every 24 hours a dove fly by gently brushing this ball of brass with its wing.when this ball of brass has been worn down to nothing that would be the end of the first day of eternity.
can you picture any thing lasting that long? at that time scale even the most generous reward would become torture . i for one would not want any of this.and i cant imagine any mind who would.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"it must be so scary without faith!"

This condescending phrase has been said to me by more than one person,and more than one time,and it always gives me pause. how can it be "scary"to not believe in something that isn't true? I have thought about this for some time now,and as i was watching "Star Wars" this weekend it came to me."how scary it must be to not have faith in the FORCE?"that all pervasive energy connecting all helps that more and more people are identifying them selves as "Jedi"and it is becoming recognized as a legitimate religion.of course "Star Wars" is a fictional story and right now no one disputes this,in two hundred years,....who knows?with enough time and a willingness to believe... but i digress.the mind set to utter such nonsense as "It must be scary to not have faith" and "atheists have nothing to look forward to,it must be so depressing."come from the same arrogance that Leeds Evangelists to believe that they can "save" some one from themselves.this person actually thinks that they are better than all those who don't think like they do.although they wont admit it they look down on any one who doesn't agree with them.where does this mindset come from? i think it is a type of Solipsism ( basically they cant conceive of some one not thinking like they do. this is mostly because they are afraid of a life that does not have them in it.the total of their reality is one that is is all they know,and so they cling to the belief that if one believes in a story,than that person will live forever,....after they is an unwillingness to contemplate a universe where all that you know isn't all that there is,and that the ego is not permanent. it is like the old adage"when you point a finger you have three pointing back at you"their condescension comes from their own fear,they don't under stand it is not scary to know that our time on this earth is limited,in fact it makes the time that we have all the more precious.this time that we have will never come have eternity waiting in the wings dwarfs,and belittles the finite quantity that is life.what we do hear is all that matters.there is no heaven,no hell,no after life,no second coming,this life is all there is,and it is not scary,or is liberating,and is concentrated by its sacristy,not diluted by eternity.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

so what is wrong with religion any way?

well that is a question i do get asked.usually by some one who is pissed that i don't think like they do.where to start?the fact that it can easily be shown to be false? yes.that it can be shown that Jesus is likely a mythical figure? yes. but id like to focus on the most dangerous aspect,"UNQUESTIONING FAITH"this scares me more than any thing else.the dictionary describes "Faith " (1) : belief and trust in and loyalty to God (2) : belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion b (1) : firm belief in something for which there is no proof.there is another word that describes that way of thinking, Gullibility, easily duped or cheated
— gull·ibil·i·ty to believe without questioning, is a trait that is dangerous to the society that allows it to see religion requires unquestioning faith in dogma.even moderate order to participate you must accept their dogma,anything else is unacceptable.that is what makes it see between seventy and eighty percent of the American population subscribes to some sort of "faith",they are willing to believe without proof,or evidence.history has shown that when a population shares this way of thinking, all it takes is one charismatic leader to turn an entire country into one that can embrace,and condone all kinds of atrocities. with the growing element of creationist/evangelical ideology it is a matter of time before they finely get around the roadblocks to instrumenting there faith into American far they have failed,but their politicians continue to get elected,there policy's continue to get pushed.the first amendment gets assaulted,and more people fall under the spell.i cant count how many people i have run across who are otherwise intelligent,but than turn around and say "Evolution is only a theory."and than go on to describe how the earth is only six thousand years old and, humans and dinosaurs lived together "before the fall" and Noah's ark is true,all because they have unquestioning faith.arguing with them is impossible.i Even had one person tell me "I don't care how much scientific proof you show me! I want to believe in GOD! you will never change my mind!" these people vote,are on school boards,contribute vast sums of money,are a large and growing political force.right now the religious extremists are still a minority,but the unquestioning faith of the moderate leaves them open to the extremest ideology.and to it they do fall. will America become like Afghanistan?you know,with the Taliban,and AL-Qaeda?i hope not.but i see the religious right growing,asserting that "America is a christian nation!"and i am afraid that it is possible.i don't want to live in a theocracy.and not just because i an an atheist,but because that kind of government retards science,restricts freedom,and oppresses all,and because of unquestioning faith those who are subjugated cant see their oppression. that is what is wrong with religion.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

why am i picking on god?

that's a good question.I'm not so much picking on god as trying to understand why people still believe these obviously false story's.for more on why these story's are false see the videos in my January postings.for this post id like to talk more about neurobiology and brain with the disabilities that my wife and son have i needed to learn about neurology and genetics,and some of the things i have learned were start with when i was learning about seizures i found out about "Gershwin's' syndrome"a curious sub set of temporal lobe epelpsy(t.l.e)it seems that one of the symptoms of this type of t.l.e is strong religious seems that Joan of arc,Saul of tarsus,and Mohammad all exhibited symptoms of this type of Joan of arc used her "visions"to lead France to Independence from Britain,and the reinstatement of the king of France.Mohammad (of course)invented Islam,and Saul was instrumental to the new testament of the christian bible(see acts,and Romans)all of this based on hallucinations.i then thought about my own experiences with feeling "the spirit"it turns out that prayer,mediation,bio-feed back,magnets,drums,thunder(any sound in the ten to twenty hertz range)can trigger alpha waves in the brain,waves that are the same as when a person is dreaming.when these waves start the brain cant tell the difference, and start to produce the same effects,triggering endorphins and adrenalin. this accounts for the feeling of "GOD"that people short it is a type of hallucination.there are some interesting hypothesis as to why humans evolved this trait(read Dawkins)but i need to do a Little more research on that.but the fact remains people have been deluding themselves and using the dilutions to hurt,terrorise,and control others for thousands of years,it doesn't matter what religion you practice.from Zeus to Osiris to Christ.belief has been the same for all this time,based on a hallucination.if it weren't for the denial of science i would probably let it go,i can't do that. science is the salvation of the human race,and i cannot stand by and let people in the throws of delusion bring about the extinction of the human race all because they cant brake free of their fantasy life.I'm not picking on god,I'm trying to stop a dooms day cult.(see revelations)there is no god,no heaven,no hell,no second coming.this life is all we have,it is precious,and i won't have it squandered for an hallucination.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


i found these videos and realized that i knew at least 50% of this stuff but had never put it all together.I guess its why i have had such an easy time coming to realize that it is all such bullshit. the video is in three parts below,watch it and think about it,you don't have to believe any of it just conceder the possibility.

part one

part two

part three

Friday, January 1, 2010

HELLO 2010!

so the last year has been very interesting,got a computer,started to pollute the cyberspace,quit smoking ,got even fatter,started to exorcise,and lost some weight,definitely in better shape,pissed off a lot of people by publicly stating my honest opinions,so all in all it hasn't been bad. now when i say i pissed off a lot of people I'm not kidding.their are some people who i thought were real friends but now the are ignoring me,did they say anything to me? no. did they remove me from their friend list? no.they just started to ignore me like I'm some filthy bum on the they don't know me,i wonder what it is like to be a coward like that?i cant Even imagine not having the balls to stand up for my beliefs like that.and i would never cut some one off like that,not for just thinking differently.the only way i would cut some one off is if they try ed to interfere with my free speech.well the new year is hear, I'm planing to keep on walking and eating better(although my wife is missing all the sweets)and may be i will have the best year yet,i hope you do to.