Thursday, July 30, 2009


to day the heat is much more reasonable,at least so far. managed to get the dishes caught up.that is nice,cant afford to eat out again to night.i guess i will have to cook tonight. that's OK the microwave works good and doesn't put out to much heat,could have used it last night but i didn't have any clean dishes and washing them wasn't going to happen ,not at those temps.actually hit 108.9 on my front porch,there are some who dispute the accuracy of my thermometer but the bank down the street read 104. so it cant be to far off.i remember an experiment in high school with thermometers in the room,the temp could vary as much as five degrease in various parts of the room.if you can get that much in a room how about outside?ether way last winter was extreme and now this Summer is extreme too.cant Wait to see what fall has in store now.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot! just f'n HOT!

short post today.yesterday it broke 100.9 F for this part of the NW that if extreme. today its going to be hotter,and tomorrow even arguments against global warming fall kinda flat on days like this. fans and air conditioners don't work very well in a Mobil home at these temperatures.

Monday, July 27, 2009

100 DAYS!

since i quit smoking. hard to believe,at least some times. i have noticed that my attitude is much sharper,and i don't mean that in a good way. i normally find myself in situations where i am an asshole but Even more so now. i wonder if i should put up a bill board warning off the terminally stupid.that could have been helpful on face book this weekend.(see Christians are idiots)long story short a picture that i put up to illustrate my ,........displeasure,was removed because face book had determined that i was representing a hate group and being hostile.i guess Christians ramming their believes down other peoples throat is OK,but defending yourself is i removed the main person responsible for the complainer from my Friend list and i am hoping that will solve the problem. if it doesn't i don't know what i will do. i just wish that people would realise that believing in a fairytale does not magically make you a moral authority. professing a belief in an UN dead carpenter does not make you better than me. so that being said hear is the picture that caused all the trouble.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


OK not a real argument but still. global warming is a hoax,i know you're are saying "whoa,that's a fucking argument!" not really,i don't dispute that the climate is changing.i do dispute the popular notion of global warming,that is nothing more than a marketing ploy.of course the planet is warming,we are in an interglacial period during an inter glacial period the planet warms.......that is why their is no ice.some people are going nuts about the polar ice caps melting,if it was the first time that that has happened it would be concerning,it isn't and it is not.the polar ice caps have completely melted several times in the past,just not in human times. people are getting freaked out be cause they haven't gotten used to the fact that extinction is a regular fact of life.our continued presence on this planet is not a given.maybe its the planet warming maybe it is global thermal nuclear war. maybe its a virus, we are going to die. that is a fact. the real question is how much profit are "they"going to make off us,and how much of our personal rights are we going to be coned out of?it wouldn't be such a problem except it is so pointless after all our money is gone,and all our rights are gone we all die.WHAT THE FUCK! watch the movie below,maybe you agree,maybe you don't. discuss with your frends,famly,coworkers,strangers,chipmunks.....E.T.C. later.


Saturday, July 25, 2009


That just had to be said.why? you might ask? well it might have some thing to do with the self righteous condescension i get just for speaking my mind.the other day i took part in a debate about "strip clubs"now i knew that my opinion wasn't going to be the popular one but what i didn't think was going to happen was that a guy was going to put down my thoughts.not just disagree with them but put them down as though i was not only uninformed but willfully ignorant. he started of with"BOB I used to think like you,Until I found Jesus Christ...."and so on and so on.not only was my thoughts completely ignored in favour of a very long winded sermon on how strippers were all kidnapped and forced into stripping and had all their money took from them,he went on about how all men who were not right with Jesus objectified Christians were above all that.BULL SHIT!!!like Christians don't go to strip clubs?to fuck they don't.and it wasn't just one guy who went this fact their was one guy who started off with "I don't know you Bob"when in fact he does,he just doesn't remember,i remember him though,thought he was a dick than and i think he is a dick now.that is why i haven't "frended him"bottom line America is a predominantly christian country,witch has a five billion dollar a year porn industry,billions of dollars spent on drugs,and prostitution.not to mention that strip clubs and casino's have no problem keeping there doors open. now I'm supposed to think that Christians have nothing to do with that?REALLY!?!? those fucked up hypocrites run this shit.they just like to think that nobody can see what they do behind closed doors,and than they can get down on those of us who are at least honest with our quote Marilyn Manson"I WASN'T BORN WITH ENOUGH MIDDLE FINGERS!" well that is all i got for now i need to do stuff in the real world.latter.

Friday, July 24, 2009


so i went through all my old posts(you gotta do that every once in a while.)and you know what i found? pretty much what i thought. HA! i don't know its interesting to me to see how my state of mind changes from day to would like to think that you are mostly a stable person,but its not always the case.some times I'm just sitting here thinking and I'm shure i was a total asshole.and than later i will look at it and its like "no,not really." and some times i think i was all cool and shit and its like"no,not really."i bet that a therapist would like to tear into my head after reading this. but only if i payed for it.did a Little gardening to day,there shure has Bean a lot of posts about that on this blog,and its not Even about gardening. wanted to smoke the other night,it was warm,with a cool breeze,cloudless night.the kind of night that i used to love to fire up a black and mild cigar,and just space out.enjoying the sweet smoke as i let my mind wonder out amongst the stars.not the same now.kinda the same thing happened with drawing when i quit hard drugs still haven't found a way to enjoy drawing.there hasn't been a lot of posts about smoking and that is what started this. well I'm thirsty and need to think about dinner,hamburger helper to night.YUM!

Monday, July 20, 2009

So how do you avoid....

people that you don't really want to have contact with when a mutual Friend keeps throwing them at you?i mean really, what the fuck! i have told them that i don't really want to know these people,that i don't have any thing in common with them,and if i wanted to know them i would find them my self.i know that I'm kind of a face book ass hole but I'm trying to improve,there are rules of engagement that nobody teaches you.fortunately there is no real consequences outside of irritation,at least so far.i suppose that it could go really wrong but if you behave you should see any shit coming. the virtual world can be such a pain in the ass.if it weren't so god damn interesting and useful i would give it up. but it is .

Saturday, July 18, 2009

bad writing

read an article about that.apparently they give an award for that.kinda made me wonder,do they Evan serf the blogospheare?i mean this guy was a bad writer but his stuff was mostly run on sentences.witch Menes he was actually trying.that is easy.any one can write bad if they try.its the ones that think they are doing OK but aren't,they are the ones that need recognition,and no I'm not just talking about my self.there plenty of people out there who cant write but do.have you watched T.V lately? Lot's of bad writing there.these people get paid to produce the swill that they that's an award! me on the other hand ,.. I'm just rambling on in the dark,regurgitating my mind on the screen,(BLAT!)have some thoughts!if i could save the world i might,but id rather be hear being banal. later.

Friday, July 17, 2009

after twenty years...

you know I've been thinking about finding old Friends on face book.and it has been kinda disappointing. i don't know what i was expecting,but it wasn't what i got. i mean people i was close to have bean distant,and some less than strangers.i have been puzzled at least for a while.and than i started thinking. high school was only fore years long and i knew most of these people for maybe five years total.and at that i was in contact with them for an hour hear and there,and maybe a few Horus after school,and some times a good part of the weekend.not as much time as i originally thought.although i must admit the teenage years were a very pivotal time in my, and every ones was a time when we were trying on the personality's' that we were going to ware in our adult life.finding what worked and what didn' made us venerable and we showed that to each other out of necessity,as we learned to mask our inner self's.but it didn't last and we moved on to have those adult lives that we practiced on each other for those short years.when i stop to put it all in perspective,i have been with my wife for ten years now,almost three times longer than high school. not to mention that the time i have spent with her has been constant.its easy to get caught up in the past,and expect to pick up where you left off,but you cant we are not who we were.we have been wearing our adult persona's for far to long now.we can never be as venerable as we once were.all that has past never to rise again. the twenty year high school Reunion is just hopeful thinking,people coming together and basking in what was.ill just hold my wife a Little closer,and enjoy what is.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

and so

sorry for that song(below)but i found it annoyingly good and my son dug it.also I'm learning how to do stuff like that.don't have any one to teach me so i just got to jump in and see what far so good ,of course you don't see the fail know i have been thinking about stuff to write about.but I'm busy doing Landry right now ,and i have to finish cleaning the kitchen.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm just killing time until my virus scanner is done. than I'm going to waist money at MC Donald' cheese,bread,what the fuck .right?maybe ill think tomorrow.

i thought this was totaly funny!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

sunday lazy sunday

nice day to day cool,some rain,some thunder.better than yesterday.yesterday was hot,almost to hot.if i wanted that i would move south.of course i only have to wait for fall.that's not to far off,lets see July is almost half over,than there is August and September,and half way through September the weather changes.soo...two months sort of?now they are saying that we are going to have an ELnino winter,that's OK it just makes fall last longer really.bad for skiers and,makes the next summer kinda dry but a Long cool fall with a warm winter that drags into spring can be nice.power bills will be lower this winter,i can use that.and don't forget the Hanukkah storm,that happened during a ELnino day would be a good day to bake,muffins,chicken,or maybe an lasagna.mmmmmmmmyeh . can you tell its a lazy Sunday?

Saturday, July 11, 2009


at least as much as i can be,still have to make a juice bottle for the kid.but that's gardening,no dishes,no laundry,just T.V,and Internet.OK i might have to cook but that's it.I'm working on thoughts to share but i have to do it when I'm thinking about it,or else i wont remember what I'm thinking about, to bad i cant blame pot any more. wheal kid calls. gotta go.

Friday, July 10, 2009


it is my calling for it before it gets hot. although I'm probably too late for my tastes,not that i intend to taste the weeds. although i should get it done before my wife goes back to bed. i have heard the proclamation"I Have a Headache!" that means soon i wont see her fore moist of the day.on that note id better get busy,ill post later when i get done.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

to day is a day of rest.

well as much as it gets for me. haven't taken a nap yet but it is on my list of things to do.funny having a list to relax,well its not really a written list just one i keep running in my gardening,no laundry,no dishes,to bad i cant get some one(who knows how)to cook for me.but i like good food so....Got my grocery shopping done,and I'm not totally broke,close but not money left over for any extras.good thing i have quit smoking. if i hadn't we would be in know the other day i had some really strong cravings for a smoke.i know it was just psychological because i cant have any nicotine left in me by now,right? nicotine isn't fat soluble is it?if it is losing weight could be difficult.ill have to look it up. later.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


at least for the butterfly bush.i think it might survive.some parts are still looking pretty ruff but most of it looks like its going to recover from being trans planted to a larger pot.i know,i know,but butterfly bushes don't do well in pots. well this one is pretty started in a pot two years ago,and did pretty well in fact that i figured that it needed a much larger pot,so i gave it one.i think it will grow,and maybe even put out some flowers.but after i cut it back for the fall,next spring it will really take least i hope so my wife likes that bush and i like to make her happy.well i got to figure out how to do my months grocery shopping on a much tighter budget this month.that trip to NW trek was really fun,but i don't think we really needed to buy souvenirs.oh well we did and i do like my new coffee cup.i wish it wasn't so expensive to go out and have a good time.hell Even going to a public park as getting to be pricey. more on that latter.

Monday, July 6, 2009


i know that drinking sweet drinks can give you a pretty good hang over,but i cant resist. also the fact that i don't drink alcohol that often doesn't help,but it was a Holiday and i was bar-b-queuing.i just cant help drinking when i just seems right. well i got things to do to day i will fill you in later.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of july

so i did some gardening yester day,and i think i may have killed my butterfly i have been told that they don't grow well in pots but this one has been growing in a five gallon bucket for two years now,but it didn't have enough dirt so my wife bought a larger pot to transfer it in went easy enough but i think i damaged some of the roots.any way the branches are drooping like it is hearting,although it is looking a Little better this morning.we will see as it goes along,i think i am going to bar-b-Que today.i haven't done that for a long while now,didn't do it at all last summer.last summer was so cool and damp,the anti-summer that i have been telling people about for years.every so often the Pacific northwest we don't get a real summer.i mean we will get a few hot days,but most days its just in the sixties with clouds.that was last year though,this year is hot and dry,good bar-b-Que weather.i might do a lot of it this year,of course that means i get to drink a lot of beer to. cant complain about that.although (and i hate to admit it)i really like mikes when i -Que to.the berry,Apple,are better than the lemonade,but the lemonade is pretty good to.well i gotta make a list of what to get at the store,meat,...i know i need meat.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


and no Friends its not just extended warranties.i was watching FOX NEWS,this morning and they were going on about cons that are being pulled on "unsuspecting"people(read that willing victims).rule of thumb you cant get nothing for free,thousands of dollars a month does not come from only a few easy hours a week,or with no degree or experience.and finely you cant get coned if you are not greedy,now don't think that leaves you out,we all are greedy to one extent or another,we all want some thing,and for no or Little effort is some thing we find hard to resist.predators have bean relying on this basic trait for millions of years. i remember my sister came over once with this "job opportunity"and "oh it was such a good deal!"she was paying for "schooling" on financial counseling,and she was going to make thousands of dollars a month for less than twenty hours a week.apparently she was to cold call strangers and ask them to give her all there personal financial information,and with this she was going to "fix there money problems" i pointed out to her that the very fact that she thought this was a good idea meant that she had no business being around money,any money,especially her money.and after i pointed out that in these days when people are trying to protect themselves from identity theft,they are not likely to turn over their personal info to a complete stranger,well i guess that is when i became worse than Hitler. i guess i was supposed to say"what a grate opportunity!you are going to do so well! i believe in you!"and all that Oprah see people like to believe in getting some thing for nothing,and when you point out that they are being coned they get pissed and fight for there victim hood,and when they finely realise that they have been ripped off we are supposed to feel bad for them.if people are unsuspecting victims they aren't paying attention. remember you cant get coned if you aren't greedy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


so hear i am,on a Wednesday,siting at my computer,thinking about gardening,again.the never ending trials and tribulations of a home owner. i think i will buy some marigolds,and pansies for the flower beds on the side of the house.yeah that would be nice.ill take some pictures and let you know how it turns out.oh by the way the cultivator that my mother in law bought me works really good,its a black&Decker.i highly recommend it,it cuts the work in half and that is the hall mark of a good tool.well i gotta go and take my pills and take care of the boy.