Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i was going to write about sending my son to summer school,but i have been distracted.by what you ask? Tylenol. W.T.F?you say? well i thought that the risk of liver damage was common knowledge,i mean i have had arguments a bout it with a few people but for the most part i thought that most people knew about it.i remember arguing with my father in law telling him that Tylenol could cause liver damage especially if you drink alcohol(witch he does,a lot.)and he is all "no it doesn't,my Doctor says it is just fine,its ibuprofen that will damage your liver."and I'm like "no ibuprofen will kill your stomach,its Tylenol that will kill your liver."so now it is allover the news about Tylenol now,like its really news. it has only been written on the back of the bottle for only 30 years,so its no surprise that most people have missed it?right?the sad fact is all the people that i have argued with all these years will now tell me the same thing that i have been telling them all these years like they are informing me,and I'm the stupid one.if i try to point it out than I'm an ass hole.i don't mind being an ass hole,i fact some times i put a lot of effort into it,but i hate it when some one thinks that when they don't have any right,because they are an Evan bigger ass hole and they wont cop to it.there is nothing wrong with being an ass hole as long as you know it and are willing to suffer the consequences.but those that are assholes and don't know it and go along treating others as if they are fine and every one else is the ass hole,well they just piss me of. so all of that from Tylenol........i think i need some now.

Monday, June 29, 2009


if that got you're attention what the fuck is up with you?so no yard work to do today. i think i have gotten caught up for now,witch is weird,that almost never happens..it gives me time to think of stuff i have bean thinking about for a long time and haven't gotten around to it.there are so many Parks that i have been wanting to visit,like northwest trek.i haven't been there since i was a boy,really cool park,if you haven't been ,GO! its a great trip.id like to go back to point defiance,always a fun trip. wapato park is a nice afternoon spent,beats the usual mall sojourn.that can get a Little old after a while. although the coffee is pretty good there,cant say the same for the other parks.of course with the way Starbucks has expanded maybe the bares' have been put to work.that would be funny wouldn't it?

Sunday, June 28, 2009


i have mowed therefore i am. not as much wisdom as i had hoped.oh well,at least my lawn looks good. the plants in the pots are asking for a drink of watter,ill give it to them after dinner. if they want it sooner they will have to evolve. I'm watching the discovery Chanel can you tell? if only the general public was smart enough to follow science instead of the Ritual that mars otherwise nice Sundays.you know if you could see this blog before the spell chick you would call me a real ass hole. well maybe Evan if.....you know? whatever.


it was about a plant growing in my flowerbed,an invasive plant,choking,strangling,starving. when i woke up i started thinking about how "life feeds on life feeds on life feeds on life,......"i don't always think about plants that way,but some times it creeps up on me. we like to think of plants as harmless,just growing.but they are not.plants move at a pace that's out side our human perception,however at there pace plants are very aggressive,worse than piranha,lions,or any other predator you can think of,and its not just the physical.they use chemical,not only as weapons but to communicate with others. yeah they make Battle plans.i could site scientific papers but that would be Evan more boring than usual. maybe I'm spending too much time in my garden,not that it looks like it.but it gives me time for introspection,something i sorely need.without the time spent looking in side i can lose track of the life that goes on around me all the time.i know it sounds counter intuitive but if you don't look in you can't see out.life is weird like that.on that note I'm going to mow the lawn.am i getting garden centric? hmmm......something to think about while i garden.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


just what kind of issues do i really have? a short temper?yeah that's for shure. its to bad i cant afford to smoke,i think it really helped. not that i am craving tobacco,just that Ive Finley noticed the slight change in my attitude,it cant be nicotine withdrawal ether,I've been off the patches for weeks now. i think i just need some thing to alter my reality a Little bit,something more than coffee,to bad all the stuff that really works good is ether hard to get,expensive,or really bad for you.you know i can remember way back when i used to do lots of drugs,booze and smoked like a fiend,i was sick a lot of the time but i was happy,a real easy going guy.didn't have much ,but it didn't matter either,i was to waisted to care. now that i have cleaned up.joined the real world if you will.i have things,home ,car,wife,E.T.C. but i am all stressed up with no one to choke.a real short tempered ass hole.I'm not shure witch me i like,or maybe i need to evolve in to a new me ? i don't know how to do that.Any way i seem to be getting obsessed with lawn care.happens every summer,maybe i will feel different in the fall we will see.

Friday, June 26, 2009

2nd "o" the day

so i was going to a Doctor appointment when my cell chirped to let me know that some one had sent me a text message.the problem? i don't pay for text message services so my phone will let me know when some one sends me a text but i cant read it or see any pictures sent.now every one i know has been told that i cant except text messages,that would mean that they wouldn't send me any text messages right?NO! my sister keeps sending me text messages! my sister is RETARDED! now this is after some hours to cool down but "FUCK!!!" how stupid can she be!?!? if you could only have heard me on the drive to my doctors office.i mean i have told her like 3 or 4 times not to send me text messages,maybe she is doing it to piss me off. well with the messages i leave on her voice mail it cant be worth it. you one of these days the only person who will want to talk with me will be my wife,id better be extra nice to her,if she leaves me all i will have left is you and you SUCK!


Are you fucking kidding me? don't we have more important things to talk about?of course if you are reading my blog,maybe not. but still.he was a celebrity,why i don't know.was he talented?yes but not any more than others that have been ignored by history.i think it was the freak show that captivated the public.you know the one that we created.that's right! we create these freak shows with our cult of celebrity.we make them,we despise them,we elevate them,we destroy them,and than we morn them with exorbitance,all the while rooting through the remains like gibbering ghouls.i for one am glad that the public has a short attention span these days. in a week we will be on to something Else.to bad it will be just as vapid.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

thinking of rain

its supposed to rain to day,witch is good. I'm taking a day to recover from all the yard work i did yesterday. i am sore ,not so much that i cant move but sore nonetheless.you know shrubbery is much more than you think,especially the juniper tam. the branches interweave and the thicker ones are hidden,ware you cant see them,at least until you try to cut them with the clippers that are not right for the job,than you have to brake out the hand clippers,and squeeze.with RA that is a recipe for pain.and you know after all that work when i was cooling down i actually had a craving for a smoke,it passed but for a while it was pretty strong.i don't have many cravings nowadays,but every so often.....well i need a drink and the coffee is gone,time to search.latter.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I've lost track.

of all the things I've lost i miss my mind the most,...remember that one? oh i have sooo much to say but i don't do it when I'm thinking about it,and it gets lost in the maelstrom that is my mind. lets try to sort it out shall we? quitting smoking,what is it 10 or 12 weeks now? i cant remember. i mean i could look back but you would think i would remember some thing that important. i had this some what complicated thought about the writings of Ayn rand,the modern rich,and how i feel about them. lost now,in the eye of my mental tornado. that's probably OK ,you should never put any thing down that you are not willing to have come back to bite you on the ass.am i really going to try to lose some weight? well....... some time. had a good fathers day,i just wish i would remember to check the leans setting,all my pix are near sighted. see for your self.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

fathers day.

this won't be much just a note really,although it more than i have been writing lately.i have been thinking about the writings of Ayn rand lately and i think i have something to say about it,not today,but soon. read the post under this one,and share it with all the women you know.they all need this info.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I used to have a Friend who said that Tuesday was the weirdest day of the week. Monday,nobody likes it its the start of the week,Wednesday ,hump day Thursday,almost Friday,Friday...nuff said,Saturday ,WEEKEND! Sunday ,dreading Monday,or a day of worship if you are so inclined,but what about Tuesday? It's just kinda hanging there,all alone,not just unwanted but almost UN noticed.Tuesday is the day when any thing can happen. if the devil shows up and wants a cookie it will be on tuesday,U.F.O's land,Tuesday.you name it any thing can happen on Tuesday. i think I'm going to be boring and do lawn care. i know,I know, bob you are so fucking boring, well ......maybe i will do it naked. .......on second thought,no. the time for me to be exciting is past,at least that kind of exciting. middle age ..some thing to think about.i never did when i was younger but I'm kinda forced to nowadays. guess ill have to get back to you on that.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


recovering from a nasty g.i.bug put me down sat morning,think I'm getting better now wrung out , tired ,need to nap,but getting better.will probably drug the kid,and try to lay down or something.WOOLF !

Friday, June 12, 2009


you know its a shame that i don't post when I'm half asleep,I'm waxing philosophical some mornings.this morning was one of them. all gone now,of course.now it might be useful,but then it might not make sense.correlating Buddha,quantum mechanics,and observations on modern society is a hell of a way to wake up.its not Evan me,...well not the me that runs the waking body at any rate.some times i wonder just who is running the show when I'm not awake.at least i stay in bed,if i didn't my wife would say some thing.its almost like ....dare i say it?......"GOD"or at least the universe is time sharing the computing space when its not in use. perhaps that's all sleep really is."WHAT IS THE MATRIX?"....HEHEHE! i couldn't help my self.oh by the way .some one is actually reading this! I'm not really just rambling on in the dark like i thought. its kinda weird to know that you are not alone. tell E.T. when you get the chance.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

after noon

well went out to wal mart,picked up a fathers day gift for my father in law,and for my self. hey my wife told me if i saw Any thing to speak up,so i did. now my METALLICA collection is complete.could not be happier!now I'm getting ready to fry up some chicken.....mmmmmmmmmmNOM,NOM,NOM! at least that's how i feel about it. tomorrow i should garden. has ta!


did lawn work yest er day ,sore to day.and I'm not Even done. nothing more to say. profound that.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the DAY AFTER........

well went to the school to pick up Matty,and the teachers were sooo stupid i couldn't believe it. they were all "oh we didn't make an appointment."and"we just wanted to find out about Matthews' diet."...*SIGH* I tell them at least three or fore times a year how and what to feed Matty,and that never changes.it is all ways the same,ground to oat meal consincistancey,no thin liquids,try to keep it bland.of course they don't give him any liquids at all,"They don't know how to do it."I've offered to show them,and provide all the necessary supplies,but "NOOOO!"that would require them to have to think.to acknowledge that some one know es some thing that they don't.so my son has to go through a whole day without drinking any thing.stupid,stupid teachers.the dietion wasn't much better.she kept talking saying the same thing over and over,and not listening to me.I told her "O.K. I get it."and she just kept on ,over and,over,like I'm retarded and i need repetition to understand a simple message. I don't know,I must come off like a slobbering beast or some thing,i mean they all act like I'm about to attack or some thing,i may want to but i almost never do. I don't think i have assaulted any one in a decade,at least. i may not oppose assault ,but i think it should be justified,and these teachers don't qualify.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Ready for school! the following post(below)is all about him.thought you should know who i am talking about.


not so dark. still kinda mad at the school,you see the school nurse used the permission slip we filled out so they could talk to my son's Doctor about his seizures,and made an appointment with a nutritionist without our permission.the school nurse says that she was just getting information about Matty's diet that they give him at school,well if that was it that would be cool,but i got a call from the nutritionist wondering when we were going to show up.....of course i was confused,"I didn't know Matty needed to see a dietitian."i said."oh well the school nurse,Dr AL-ma teen and i were talking and we thought he should come in." REALLY!?!we saw her six months ago as a routine appointment with his formula,and every thing was o.k. we have bean doing every thing like we were supposed to.when Matty had a prolonged bout with diarrhea i asked the teachers to observe the B.R.A.T. diet witch is bananas,rice,applesauce,and toast.as recommended by his primary care Doctor "D.R.Tomas",Al-Ma teen is his neurologist,and has Little to do with Matty's diet .well we are going to keep the appointment,just in case the school has some funny ideas,they can really try my paticnce.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

dark day

And i say that not just because of the clouds,but also my mood,i don't know some times i get into a mood that would make Hitler shiver. it will pass without any thing going wrong,...unless some one puts me in charge of a nation some time this afternoon. ANY ONE? NO? well the world is safe,at least for now.yard work,dishes,garbage,grocery,gurrrrrr! id like to pore some gas and light a match and burn it all. to bad i don't like the side affects of the anti depressant(it was not just to quit smoking) because that could help,and i don't know of any med that don't have some serious side effects. *SIGH* drink some more coffee,take a deep breath and go on.that is the way life goes. i think most people feel this way at least some time,not that they will admit it.maybe a nice cake or some thing? no wonder I'm fat, pot i need pot.that is what always made me feel better in the past when i got this way. to bad i don't know where to find it these days. maybe it will find me.don't laugh it happens,I've seen it . well i gotta go. latter.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


much better after some sleep. i was thinking about doing some yard work,but its cool and cloudy.not that i mind,its just that i think it might rain and that i don't do.maybe if it suns up a Little.i got a new hedge trimmer and I'm wondering how it works.I've never used one like it and i think it might be fun. and Even if its not, the hedges really need to be trimmed,they are about two years behind on the clipping schedule.that being said have some pictures.


well I'm getting a god crop of roses this year.its late and i thought i would post before bed. ill get back to this in the morning.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


yes! i don't think id call t spring cleaning but it is spring(don't tell the weather),and i am cleaning. well as much as i do. vacuumed Matty's room and "FABREASED it"that kid can put a powerful stink on any thing. now i have to think about the yard, hedge clipping and such,and i need to buy some flowers to brighten up the place.if it looks good i will post pictures. hmmm...i think I'm starting to put off a powerful stink of my own.latter.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


why is it that i can think of tons of stuff to write about until i get to the page and than nothing?weather is hot,kid is at school and having seizures,I'm hungry,and quiting smoking is going good. i know i know,"kid is at school having seizures?" yeah. i am concerned about this but he was troughing on his meds and they reported that they were short ones,so i told them to let him take a nap . most likely the best thing to do,but what if its not?you can kill yourself with these questions,second guessing yourself is a trap. i hope that i made the right decision but if i didn't well.....adapt and survive.so,ill just eat and take my pills,and hope all is well. 

Monday, June 1, 2009


WOW! feeling better than yesterday,it was weird,i felt disconnected all day yesterday,maybe it was anxiety ,i don't know.i was just weird. you ever have one of those days when the reality you have isn't the one you want,not that its that much different but that it just isn't yore's? maybe i took too much acid back in the 80's,it was kinda like that.it's just that flash backs don't usually last all day. of course i could be going crazy,but the fact that i can postulate that means that, that is unlikely.maybe its the existential blues.