Monday, June 22, 2009

I've lost track.

of all the things I've lost i miss my mind the most,...remember that one? oh i have sooo much to say but i don't do it when I'm thinking about it,and it gets lost in the maelstrom that is my mind. lets try to sort it out shall we? quitting smoking,what is it 10 or 12 weeks now? i cant remember. i mean i could look back but you would think i would remember some thing that important. i had this some what complicated thought about the writings of Ayn rand,the modern rich,and how i feel about them. lost now,in the eye of my mental tornado. that's probably OK ,you should never put any thing down that you are not willing to have come back to bite you on the i really going to try to lose some weight? well....... some time. had a good fathers day,i just wish i would remember to check the leans setting,all my pix are near sighted. see for your self.

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