Friday, June 12, 2009


you know its a shame that i don't post when I'm half asleep,I'm waxing philosophical some mornings.this morning was one of them. all gone now,of it might be useful,but then it might not make sense.correlating Buddha,quantum mechanics,and observations on modern society is a hell of a way to wake up.its not Evan me,...well not the me that runs the waking body at any rate.some times i wonder just who is running the show when I'm not least i stay in bed,if i didn't my wife would say some thing.its almost like ....dare i say it?......"GOD"or at least the universe is time sharing the computing space when its not in use. perhaps that's all sleep really is."WHAT IS THE MATRIX?"....HEHEHE! i couldn't help my self.oh by the way .some one is actually reading this! I'm not really just rambling on in the dark like i thought. its kinda weird to know that you are not alone. tell E.T. when you get the chance.

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