Wednesday, September 30, 2009

chambers bay

nice walk yesterday.about half way through a rain squall moved through.NICE! no really,although the wind was cool the rain felt good.not to heavy not too light.its hard to explain,i think it dates back to a time when i was walking in a storm you of the ones that come in from Hawaii and bring torrential rain with warm temps,any way i was on ten hits of acid...I KNOW!...that storm was AWESOME! ever since than i feel a certain way about walking in the rain.i have a similar story about earth quakes but that is for another I'm going to buy a poncho for when the rain really starts to fall.hey I'm not twenty any more. and get ready to carry on through the winter.i see my reheumatologist on December thirtieth and id like to have made some real progress by long as i keep this up i think i will.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

hear is an old picture of the bay

and one week later....

still walking,i think that my scale is a Lie it said that i was gaining,....WTF?! eating less walking more...and gaining?maybe its that mussel weighs more than fat,the scale is broken,i don't know.not that its that important,I'm still watching what i eat and walking,that will get me where i want to go and a ten dollar scale has nothing to do with that.still its something to make me think.well the rain is back and i think to stay now.fall my favorite time of year.I'm starting to walk on the water front a lot now,its a nice view.also the breeze is really refreshing.watching the clouds form over the bay can be really of these days i should bring my camera and take some pictures.walked the mall yesterday,found out that it takes two laps around to make the same distance as the waterfront.but that's OK,it doesn't take into count looking through the stores.on the first lap that can be fun.hears an old picture of the bay.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


so when i went out to get stuff,i used the odometer to measure out how far I've been walking,and the total is..........2.5 miles. yeah ,...not to bad huh?i still need to do it without stopping to pop my joints,but still....i remember way back when if something was within 5 miles i would consider it to be within walking would be nice to be back in that kind of shape again.i think that if i make it to the golf course i will make it almost 4 miles,...may bey next week? yeah that could work.just add a Little more every day,and I'm still feeling better every day i will get to where i want to be.i was looking at buying a poncho for when the rainy season really starts.I'm getting to think i have been missing out all these years,i should have done this a long time ago.*sigh* well,.....better late than never.

Monday, September 21, 2009

monday not the day of the duck

so I'm eating my yogurt,i have to put something with my pills,and yogurt seems like the best choice.the kid is having a bad day at school,having a whole bunch of seizures (short ones)teacher called to let me know,he was sleeping at the time.after he wakes up i think he will feel better.i gave him his med's at 8 and the call was at 9 so he was still troughing. other than that looks like i will have a week of nice weather to walk in,fall starts tomorrow but the weather is taking its own sweet time catching up.OK by me.made it down to the cemetery on Friday,that is quite a mile stone,although i think i passed a real mile before that.i have to go out to day to get some stuff and i will measure my walk with the odometer on my van.then i will know how far I'm really walking.i mean six thousand steppes don't mean that much when the steps very so much,starts out with a good stride than i get tighter and need to stop and pop my knees and hips,then I'm good for a while ,and then my stride gets shorter and shorter ,and than i need to stop and pop my knees and hip.....E.T.C. i find as i go along day by day i need to stop a Little less but for now that's the way it goes.its OK to stop from time to time as long as you get out and do it,yeah i know.....FUCK OFF NIKE!

Friday, September 18, 2009

18 days

since i had that "I'M FAT"epiphany I have started on a half arsed diet and exercise has it been? drum roll please..........."8LBS!" *sigh* i know i know,it's only been 18 days.that's like 4 LBS a week.when 2 to 3 LBS is considered good progress,I'm doing great .its just that it hits home how long a process its going to be.i mean I'm not going to stop because I'm feeling much better than before i started.but still,quiting smoking was hard but once i was done ,i was done. this is going to be going on for the rest of my life. the last time i made that kind of commitment i got least i got sex out of that. of course i might get a Little more sex out of this,so it could work out in the long run.well i have to go to the pharmacist to pick up my meds,RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS SUCKS!some of the weight I'm trying to lose is because of one of the symptoms of RA is unexplained weight loss.but with the year i spent undiagnosed,i was much less active because of pain,and so gained some fat,and than quiting smoking put on 25 more LBS.well that's my life at least i have one.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


OK, so i took Sunday off to watch the sea hawks,WIN! on Monday went out and found out that taking a day off for the mussels to heal is a good idea.felt better on Monday,leg tried to go numb ,and than didn' the end of the walk i felt better than the last time i went out to seems like i improve every time i go its Tuesday,and on Tuesday i take methotrexate.although i take it in a lower dose than cancer patients i still can tell its a chemo therapy drug,i feel sick if i don't buffer it with a good meal,and when I'm trying to cut down on my calories that can be Tuff.i will figure it out,but it wont be easy.i don't know if I'm loosing weight,ill check on Friday.but I'm feeling better.feeling like i have more energy,sleeping better,and generally in a better mood.who knew that better eating habits and exercise could do that so quickly? ether way i like it and will keep it up.i want to see what 6 months will do.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

saturday,beter than yesterday

so i finished my walk yesterday and i felt better than i have for the last few times that i have went out walking. not as much pain,and my right leg wasn't as numb(witch was kinda worrisome)so i feel better now and i think that i have passed an important milestone(no pun in tended)i think that my body has gotten the message that i expect more out of it nowadays.i have been watching what i eat and and now with this exercise i think i will get under 300LBS soon.not exactly slim but ill take it.i remembered that my coach in high school weight lifting used to say that you need to take a brake in your workout to let your mussels recover.well that is Sunday,not that I'm religious but that is when the Sea hawks play.and I'm not going to miss a sea hawks game for anything.well with that being said I'm going to go and change my pants and go out for a walk.

Friday, September 11, 2009


i have lost 4LBS, not bad for a week. the only hard part is....OK there is more than one,i think i have a pinched nerve in my back,that has been bothering me for years but now that I'm trying to get more exercise its flaring,and i think that the chair that I'm sitting on right now isn't excuses.I'm still getting out every day,it's just hard to get motivated. also readjusting the amount that i eat,....well their is so much pleasure to be had in a good meal.i spent my whole life learning how to cook,and i like to think i have gotten pretty good at how i cook,portion size,how i shop , it all has to change.I'm doing it but it is hard.i think i will see a Doctor for my back next week,you know when i think about it it is kind of like changing course in a large ship it takes a long time and its done in small increments.will i have the Patience to see this through?i hope the way, son is doing well,swapped the splint for a cast.he seems more comfortable with that.4 weeks and we will be back to normal,wee at least what passes for normal for us.

Monday, September 7, 2009

well fred meyer was ...

not as much as i expected.about 200 steps less than out side,Even though i took more time. not a good trade but its better than staying inside and looking at the rain.hell its some thing i should be used to by now.SKIN IS WATER PROOF! although when it gets cold its no fun.oh well must get out every day,teach my body what i expect out of it.I'm in charge,what has happened to me is because i wasn't paying attention,"let my self go."is not an inaccurate I'm going to get out today in about half an hour.need to give my son some pain med's,oh yeah check this....he had pulled to stand yesterday at his door and lost his balance,and fell.landed on his arm funny and broke his elbow.not bad mind you but after two doctors looked at the x-ray,they finely saw it. he is in a splint for now and we will see a orthopedic to see if he will need a cast.probably will since he crawls all most every where,and needs to use his arm allot.*sigh* special needs kids shure are special needs.only spent about 6 Hours in the ER though,that's not to bad.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

now the rain

so I'm doing better on the walking but now its raining,getting to be that time of year for the Pacific north i figure that its more important that i walk than where i walk so off to the Fred Mayer i go,pick up some fresh veggies while I'm there.its a pretty good size store so if i cover the whole thing i will walk as much or more than if i walked outside,to bad that being a fat smoker is bad for you because this trying to be healthy is shore a pain in the ass.i figure i will get on a scale some time next week and see if i have lost any thing.i don't want to put to much into the scale though.its more how you feel,if you do the right things to be healthy the weight will follow. in time at least.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

started to walk

not spectacular,but i didn't expect it to be.just needed to start.and i have. the rheumatoid arthritis has put some dents in my hips ,and all the extra weight shore didn't help ,but i have all i have to do is not stop.than day by day i will get better.i figure that if i can take off the quit smoking weight,my hips wont hurt nearly as bad,and than i can make some real progress. lets see i gained about 25 LBS from quiting smoking,bit high for a goal but i will take see i wont be disappointed if it takes a long while these things take time.sometimes a lot of time.i remember when i lost the most weight it seemed to hang around for month's with Little progress and than all of the sudden some thing switched in me and whoosh it started to drop off and i got to feeling real down to 175 that time and it was good, over the last ten years it has slowly creep ed back if you don't pay attention it will do that.and now the Battle resumes tomorrow is another day.