Sunday, May 31, 2009


well i spent yesterday celebrating my wife's B,day at the park with my mother and sister.oh and son,can't forget him. any way it was a good day,and I'm so glad that i have such a good wife. got a Little sun burned though. my nicotine patch left a Small white square on my arm,HA HA! that's funny. well its Sunday and i think i will take the day off,at least as much as i can.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


well to day we celebrate Chris's b,day.Evan though its not for a few days,its just that my sisters b,day was a couple of days ago and we are trying to catch them all together. well at least we have nice weather that's not always the case. some years you need a jacket just to go out the front door. yesterday i mentioned about the C.I.A. watching peoples computers. well after that i Had a few hours of fending off VIRUS attacks. weird hunh? was it THEM? or just some random jerk? i tried to tell Goggle about it but they don't really want to hear from their users.  i need more coffee go to go .

Friday, May 29, 2009


I wonder if I'm going to do any thing useful to day?it's so easy to just think about doing stuff and not get much farther. to bad you can't buy motivation. i guess just one thing at a time,one struggle,one "jihad"if you mm wonder if the C.I A. well twig to this blog now ,you know they have computers data mining ,looking for key words,keeping an eye on the unwashed masses. i know that sounds paranoid,but that's what the war on terror is all coin a phrase "silent weapons for quiet wars." now do you see why its hard to quit smoking? well I'm doing good despite all that,and i think that i will make it this time. that's all for now latter. 

Thursday, May 28, 2009


sorry that was a Little bombastic. you know north Kora ,the global warming hoax and what not.i mean if a U.F.O. flew out of my ass,i wouldn't be surprised.i know i vie done way to much acid in my day but the world is getting a Little weird Evan by my standards.fortunately most people ignore me,so i cant enlighten them.they don't need that. hell i don't need it, all it leads to is U.F.O.s flying out of your ass. so that being said I'm going to get my last box of nicotine patches,wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i think i did almost every thing i can for a day,all that's left is evening stuff.i think that coke likes me drinking it, at least that's what the web site says. all the drink says is "fizz" any way a couple of days ago i said id post some garden pictures,well see below.the lilac needs to be rotated but i guess you can see know I'm watching a movie from 86,and the kid who is unnamed(at least on the screen guide)looks like an actor who is kinda famous,and i can't place his name.i hate that,it will come to me about 3A.M.all wake me up and shit. ah fuck it! 

garden shots.

well i promised some garden shots.


at least that's what i think.sunny day,might do things out side. got to go and find my last two wees of nicotine patches,maybe tomorrow. also have to think of something to make for dinner,but what? hm like to make a killer sand witch.also i cant seem to figure out how to Linc a concert request site to other walls on face book,i think I'm making myself look like a retard to the general public,and to be a retard to the masses is bad. because they are all retarded already. .oh well fuck them all!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


well i got my lawn work done,but no pictures.i thought about it after i was almost two thirds would have been pretty boring any way.of course that would have been a step up for this blog. I'm almost six weeks into my quit smoking trip.doing bad you can't picture success.well maybe you can but i need to think about it for a while. chill. 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

sunday morning

OK I'm drinking coffee and contemplating yard work. I'm going to try to give before and after pictures,other than that i feel good ready to sweat.more coffee first.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


has it really been five weeks already? doesn't seem that long, I'm not having any cravings and I'm not having any problems finding things to do with my hands. got to go and buy new shoes for my son to day,and maybe mow the lawn if i can. if not than, tomorrow. nice weather to do any thing. i think ill try to take some pictures. that might be fun. well time to take some pills and than change a diaper......BLAH!  

Friday, May 22, 2009

friday! BITCHES!

feeling GOOD! did some shopping for my wife ,got her some silky smoothies. or lingerie if you will. nice weather,good tunes, and technically no ware to go,aside from the shit that seems to pop up from time to time.I'm not feeling any urge to fact this is the first time i thought about it all day. i think that's a major improvement.don't you? ha ha ha! you're not real! this is just an illusion made by my unconscious mind! if not sorry. that's it for now. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Loving the music bitches! the only problem is the special head phones i bought don't work.the ear buds that came with the player work just fine,so I'm good there ,but my ears are small and its kinda i like over the ear phones better.unfortunately wall mart gets all its stuff from china.(should call it china-mart)any way i got to go and return for headphones that work,or maybe ill just get store credit and buy some new music.that would be nice.I promised my wife that i wouldn't download any more mp3's this month and i have so much music that i want. that being said I'm doing good on quiting smoking,only had two real cravings yesterday.never realised how often i lit up a smoke after i left a store.funny how unconscious smoking is ,and you don't realise it till you don't do it for a while. hm mm some thing to think about.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

mp3 to day

well i finely got an mp3 now i have to come up with new excuses not to get some exercise ,hard to believe that some thing so small can hold all my CD collection and still have room for a lot more.I'm going to call this a reward for quiting smoking,but its really from president OBAMA.don't know why but i figured that he needed his name to be all caps.i think i need a nap.

Monday, May 18, 2009


try as i might the world still pisses me off.i think i managed to survive a cyber attack I.E. Trojan and spy ware,but how can you truly tell?if my scanners don't know about the funk how can they stop it?oh well i did all i can i guess ill just have to give it a few days for my scanners to be up dated,they are pretty up on these things.i trust them as much as you can trust any one you can't kill. nice test of my coping skills though,i didn't want to smoke....just strangle some one ,any one.feeling a Little better now.didn't get any gardening done yest er day i will have to do it today,rain is coming to day  or by kill would be better.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


well its Sunday,and i am listening to windows media player,and it seems to have a hard on for KORN to day.put it on shuffle and its like the greatest radio on commercials and it only plays my favorite tunes.i got to garden to day . don't want to but i have to. pulled weeds yesterday and my whole body Hertz,but i let the flower beds get away from me and now they are over grown .i barely made a dent in it yesterday. have to admit i do miss smoking after doing yard work,that was a nice cool down. Guss I'll just have to make do with iced tea. (sigh) well have to get after it.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

my sister is retarded

apparently my sister said that she only could see old posts and pic's hear. so i had some Friends check,all good .with is what i tried to tell her ,but no she is all"duh dats sa way i fund it...duh" O.K,I'm paraphrasing,but still.i just don't understand her i mean its probably a good thing she works for the government because i don't think any one else would put up with that level of incompetence. well enough with that see will probably read this and be pissed. stepped down to the next level of nicotine patch . it looks different,but it seems to work just fine. doing good.

Friday, May 15, 2009

DAY 28

tomorrow i move to step two on the patch.28 days without smoking. i feel good about it.still coughing up some weird goo though . unfiltered hand rolled will do that to you though.some times i still miss it ,i just take a deep breath (with out coughing) and chill and it passes. downloaded some good music from amazon yesterday,"TESTAMENT-PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH"and the single"HOLY DIVER-THE REMAKE BY KILL SWITCH ENGAGE"good stuff once i get a MP3 player ill be set for stage 2. exercise......if i could lose at least 50 lbs it would be good. i think that it is do able

Thursday, May 14, 2009

i'm back!

had to search to find nicotine patches but not far. i found them at target,for ten dollars less than Safeway.  so i feel better about that.when i got home i went on line and looked up an album that i haven't listened to since i was 25  it is still killer."testament,practice what you preach"KILLER! I'm loving it!

27 days!

i got to go and get more nicotine patches!step two!half way there! still coughing out black&tan though. Guss it is my lungs clearing all the crap i put in them all these years.GOOD FOR ME!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


OK i removed the one piece of porn i up loaded,not that any one complained but because i reread the policy statement and thought i would be a good guy.actually i don't think any one is reading this any way. fuck it all .all most 28 days with no smoking and i think I'm going good. need to eat some pizza though. yum!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


well i hope this works better than yesterday. life is good,mostly .you know I'm at a loss for words.

Monday, May 11, 2009

check out pic's below

Any way three weeks no smoking think I'm doing good.spending a full day with three women is enough to try the Patience of any man. but i made it through just fine .i hope the bugs i just encountered on blogger don't come back that was annoying.

blogger kinda broke

well this isn't helping me to quit smoking. mothers day was good see for you re self.

mothers day

well lets try this agen,mothers day went well it was nice to see mom and my sister,the day was nice,cloudy but warm my favorite kind of day. we went to the Pier at Des moins park and had a picnic.sandwiches. although spending that much time with three women is 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

3 weeks!

hey when i started this blog it was to keep track of my attempt to quit smoking. well Ive made it three weeks so far and i think its going pretty good.i have gone astray a Little and will probably go farther as smoking gets farther in the past. however this time its different,the last time's i tried to quit must have been practice(you know they say you do that)and this time its for real. at least that's the way it feels. I'm managing stress better,i think this blog is helping. also I'm not having trouble finding things to do with my hands. as for the return of my sense of smell , well this time the world does not smell like ass.last time it did.make of it what you will.taste doesn't seam to be as affected as much as last time ether. well that's it for now.I've got a camera now so ill be adding pictures form time to time. latter.     

Thursday, May 7, 2009


still not smoking. and i think i won't Any time soon.might have to find something else to write about. like mothers day, might be a problem there,moms not doing well,and my wife wants to celebrate with just us. maybe because i don't want to go to her niece's graduation. also i don't want her to go by her self.OK i don't want her to go by her self because she has a hard time with her mother,and i won't be there to get in be tween. might not seem like a issue but her parents are getting less tolerant now that she is an adult. also i don't want to get stuck with our disabled son with no help for an indeterminate time.i don't want to go because its in Yakima,nuf said. well that's that.  

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


caught me a nasty G.I. bug,been up all night squirting. gag! starting to feel better.barely,headache,rung out, tyred. at least its not the flu. still not smoking although it would be nice on nights Ike i just had. blah.... rest, fluids,that's the trick . maybe i will feel better when the weather clears just in time to do yard work.yeah! 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

has it been two weeks already?

the only time in the last few days that i have felt Any serious cravings to smoke is when i was waiting for my pictures to up load on to my face book page. i didn't think it was going to do it because it took a long time but Finley it did. nice pictures too. i might be biased but i think my wife is way to pretty for me. any way I'm doing good on my attempt to quit,maybe it's tome to stop calling it an attempt? mmmmmm.....not yet.