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More Drama from Raoul...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


the links from the Youtube box,

What's Really Behind Paranormal Experiences (Hint: It's Not Ghosts)

as well as,
 of course one of my Favorite scientists, 

Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Vic Tandy on Ghosts and Infrasound

a discussion group talking about infrasound,
and lastly 
Stages of Sleep
all of thease things put together will let you know my state of mind on the matter.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Corrective Rape for a Biblethumper.

So the other Day i left a comment on a Video that was pointing out how Rape is condoned in parts of the Bible.The video itself was in response to a particular Youtuber , a one "Bible Thumping Wingnut" to be referred to from now on as BTWN, Now BTWN is of the newer,and most Dishonest variety of Christian,The Presuppositionalist. His big Claim is that there can be no morals without God,and that Morals are Objectively true.Like most presups , he likes to play word games To force people into positions they don't hold.
In the latest "Game" of his he is claiming that Rape is Objectively immoral,and that everyone shares this point of view.If you agree, then "God" if you don't then you think Rape is moral. It's a no win situation, ether you support God, or rape.
Now i believe that Morality is subjective, the society that we live in comes up with rules of conduct IE Laws.,and most of us agree to live by them, Tacitly at least. with Punishments for those that break our Laws.such as Prison, Civil Fines, E.T.C.
In such there are societies on this Planet that do condone Rape in certain circumstances.I disagree with them,as do many,and this is , in my mind, proof of Subjective Morality.Knowing this i left a comment on a video,as i had mentioned. the comment was "Tim should Google Corrective Rape , Might Raise an eye."
on reading that Tim AKA, BTWN  made a video about my comment, to be found Here, as i expected he almost got it, but Managed to not. so i left a video response (which at this time he has seen ,but not accepted as a response) Explaining my position,
In the Discription box i left a Wiki link, which for general information i think is ok,hell we aren't doing a doctoral thesis. the link was for  i also left a link to the story on a Tennessee Pastor's son Putting his penis on children,Pastors penis,
He still didn't get it.
He left this comment
you can see his ether / or mindset
 to which i answered this,
I hope i made a Good point,sometimes i think it is better to not engage the Presuppositionalist,i mean they are worse then the Young earth Creationists,certainly less honest.
But they Keep sucking me in.
Oh well .

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

PZ Myers Mind Assault.Extended

So little over a Week ago PZ Myers Did what i can only call a hit piece on Michael shermer,He uploaded a Blog post Claiming ,Without any Corporation or Evidence,That Mr.Shermer was a Rapist.Here is a Freezepage,PZ's Hand Grenade Shortly after Mr.Shermer's Attorney sent a cease and desist letter to PZ, copy here,Cease And Desist , I waited to see if PZ would acknowledge his Libel,he did not.Sadly he has Hunkered down to let it all Blow.The Comment section has been heavily patrolled,and censored since that time,There has been many blog posts of others,and You Tube Videos. Some wondering if this was Just a test,like the Drama Gate fiasco. Like this one from AgentofDoubt. Sadly i do not think so, i think that PZ really has his Head up his ass,So seeing as he is Unlikely to Do a retraction , i recorded a Video demonstrating the absurdity of the Unfounded accusation,and the Fact that libel is not,nor has it ever been an Ethical issue.
In Fact the damage that Could have been done by these Unfounded accusations could amount  to Tens of thousands of dollars.Shermer is a Paid speaker,and writer.If he loses any speaking engagements or publishing contracts due to these allegations, PZ can,and should be on the Hook for the Amount.Damaging someones Livelihood in this manner is a serious Offence.In my personal opinion, this is what you get when you Mix Atheism with other Ideologys,Like Feminism. Things start getting muddled,and people who should know better stop using the skepticism of one for the Faith of the other.I hope that PZ retracts the Allegations, but i don't think he will. Sadly i think this will end up in court,and that will damage the career of PZ Myers,much as i think that PZ hoped that Mr.Shermers career would have been harmed.Maybe we can chalk it up to Karma.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Police State?

I couldn't help but think " This is what a police state looks like" as i sat there i remembered reading these stories, here are some links to the articles i was talking about in the video.just as we are skeptical of religion,we should be skeptical of our government.
 from alternet "Why is the FBI manufacturing reasons to arrest Occupy protesters While letting White Supremacists go?
from rolling stone, "How FBI entrapment is Inventing "terrorists" and letting the bad guys off the hook"
From The guardian UK about Fake terror plots and paid informants
From Techdirt, about the New york times realizing the FBI keeps celebrating braking up their own terror plots.
from ABC news a video about a teen who got set up,
and lastly a story on the rise of Militia groups,from NBC.
 i do wonder , How many of these Militia groups are FBI fronts.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

POT the truth about the lies

the links
the local paper that got me going
            the Full study on PLOS ONE
 and the long list of studies on
a link to Frontline,a ten minute excerpt about Medical marijuana.
From CNN,about a six year old boy who has dravet syndrome , and his bad seizures were controlled by cannabidiol
Why congress will not legalize Marijuana.
HR 501 the Marijuana tax equality act.
HR 499 Ending federal Marijuana prohibition act .
HR 689 States Medical Marijuana Patient  protection Act.
Follow the links,write your congressman,get involved.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Friday, March 8, 2013

My Trailer.

So the new youtube layout has you record a trailer to introduce yourself to the Unsubbed.this was mine. have you switched yet?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Flagging issues

You know, from time to time people try to silence others that they disagree with on line by flagging their content as abusive,or harassing. Of course this never works.
One such attempt was the latest video by klinschlor,,having a "debate" with Dawah films.The first being a skeptic who is fluent with Islam,the former being a Muslim, of ill repute by some.
Now in this "Debate" which went over several videos,in my opinion,Dawah got his ass handed to him.and some one got their panties in a twist not wanting Islam to be defamed they started Flagging or reporting this video to make it go away.Of course that never other You Tube Channels started to Mirror this Video they started to get Flagged as well. when i saw it happening i put up this Flag warning...

after that i actually got to watch this Video(every time i tried before it had been flagged down)
I found nothing Flaggable in my opinion
Here make up your own mind,
or if that one is flagged try,
or you can go here to down load your own,
 of course there is this video.

Fighting censorship One Video at a time.

Setting the new testament straight,

Well sort of. I responded to a You Tube user "Godveiwsutube" I think that is how he spells his name.
He was asking" How come i don't see any one from the first century saying it's all false if it is just a fairy tale?" I gave him my best answer here.
It's funny to see the responses of Christians who don't think so.
I mean i'm not claiming to be a Biblical scholar,But the Biblical scholars i do read are pretty consistent.
Both those that believe,and those who don't.
Aside from Paul Of Tarsus,the early books of the new testament were written about 45 years after the event(if it even happened)and yet i got comments like this.

As far as i know the Torah does not support the New testament,and as for"Peter read the Gospels 45 days after the Resurrection there was a pregospel(sic)"
Says Who? We don't know when Jesus was Crucified certainly not from the gospels,so how could any one know when forty five days was? Let alone who read what? You'd think that if that kind of information was available it would be known. I'd like to know which hole he pulled that out of,but this particular tuber doesn't cite sources,and gets bitchy when pressed.
the guy i first made this video response to responded with,
He is claiming that the gospels were written thirty five years sooner that Biblical scholars do,Once again i'd like to know where they are getting their information from.
I got a funny feeling there is some Christian Apologist  polluting the well of information.
It's easy to do,as long as what you are saying supports already held beliefs little questioning is done.
this goes for Atheist and Theist alike.
we should always try to cite sources so our work can be verified,but i find with believers we are expected to take what they say at face value.
Sad really.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What is it with xtians?

If i had a link id post it,If IG took that vid down due to audio issues(it happens) I'm sorry,i don't say that often.But if he took it down for any other reason"Nut up,Bitch!"

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Almost forgot this Blog.

I know i haven't posted in a while,Politics kind of took over this last year,But i'm getting back to things.
well sort of.still like the video and spend most of my time on You Tube.but this is just for here,well here and a face book page.
I will stick with whatever gives me the most Views,and that is likely YT, but i want to keep this going as a back up.
I still value thoughts and opinions though.

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