Saturday, August 24, 2013

Corrective Rape for a Biblethumper.

So the other Day i left a comment on a Video that was pointing out how Rape is condoned in parts of the Bible.The video itself was in response to a particular Youtuber , a one "Bible Thumping Wingnut" to be referred to from now on as BTWN, Now BTWN is of the newer,and most Dishonest variety of Christian,The Presuppositionalist. His big Claim is that there can be no morals without God,and that Morals are Objectively true.Like most presups , he likes to play word games To force people into positions they don't hold.
In the latest "Game" of his he is claiming that Rape is Objectively immoral,and that everyone shares this point of view.If you agree, then "God" if you don't then you think Rape is moral. It's a no win situation, ether you support God, or rape.
Now i believe that Morality is subjective, the society that we live in comes up with rules of conduct IE Laws.,and most of us agree to live by them, Tacitly at least. with Punishments for those that break our Laws.such as Prison, Civil Fines, E.T.C.
In such there are societies on this Planet that do condone Rape in certain circumstances.I disagree with them,as do many,and this is , in my mind, proof of Subjective Morality.Knowing this i left a comment on a video,as i had mentioned. the comment was "Tim should Google Corrective Rape , Might Raise an eye."
on reading that Tim AKA, BTWN  made a video about my comment, to be found Here, as i expected he almost got it, but Managed to not. so i left a video response (which at this time he has seen ,but not accepted as a response) Explaining my position,
In the Discription box i left a Wiki link, which for general information i think is ok,hell we aren't doing a doctoral thesis. the link was for  i also left a link to the story on a Tennessee Pastor's son Putting his penis on children,Pastors penis,
He still didn't get it.
He left this comment
you can see his ether / or mindset
 to which i answered this,
I hope i made a Good point,sometimes i think it is better to not engage the Presuppositionalist,i mean they are worse then the Young earth Creationists,certainly less honest.
But they Keep sucking me in.
Oh well .

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