Monday, May 31, 2010

A new religion?

OK I have to say that now i think that the 9/11 truth movement has crossed the line in to the religious.I made a video only mildly rebutting the new conspiracy theory that the BP oil spill is a big conspiracy,in the video i said in passing "I don't by the 9/11/conspiracy ether"that's it.but that is all that people have gotten hung up on.they don't dispute that the oil spill isn't a conspiracy(not yet)but i mentioned that i don't believe that 9/11 was an inside job?"
for the love of fuck! you would think i had told a bunch of Evangelicals that Jesus was a fraud,which i do on occasion.
from people calling me naive,to fat jokes,to "ILL TEAR YOU A NEW ASS HOLE!" all for stating that i don't believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy.
The truthers have become dogmatic.that is the only way i can interpret it.
their GOD is fear,their Satan is their own government,and we have to fight this "Greatest Evil"ahhh shit.whats next? sure right now they are a fringe movement,....i hope. but so was Christianity for the first four hundred years.
Will there be a 9/11 Inquisition ?will the victims become our saviors?will they have died for our sins?
Will the hairless monkey that is Human ever grow up?
hear is the video so you can see how Little i talk about 9/11.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I was reading Atheist revolution
And i was moved by an article on the coming hardening of the religious right as warned of by an article by Dan Kennedy of the guardian.
This has been brewing for a very long time. The funny thing is i have noticed that the rise of the new atheist movement has been in steep with the rise of the religious right.
It seems that the harder they push the more they drive away those who only slightly believe the storeys.will they really achieve the theocracy that they want? no i don't think so.
they might make life difficult for a while,but i think that the more that they push the more people will see the crazy. i think that there will be many who will be put off by the restrictive nature of the deeply religious.
freedom is a lot nicer than going back to the twelfth century.i would suggest that the religious right study the myth of"Pandora's box".

Sunday, May 23, 2010

sex work

So i took part in a discussion about sex workers the other day,now my position was based on my personal experiences As a homeless drug addict,which put me in contact with a lot of people that live on the margins of society.
my point was not religious in nature but many others were. some referenced the puritan back ground of America as the major influence towards our current attitudes on sexuality.
and they were not wrong.Americans have had a schizoid relationship towards sexuality, since the founding of the nation.early swim suits were little more than woolen bags.
we have come a long way since then,but our attitudes are still very split.
It seems that this country is still mired in the "Madonna/whore"dichotomy Where as a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality is seen as a whore,yet our culture has constantly sexualized almost everything,even little grills as young as kindergarten.
I mean have you seen some of the things that are on the rack at the local department store?
the fact that we criminalize sexual behaviour at the same time as we vigorously promote it is at the hart of religion.the church has been working very hard to create this problem.
from the very beginning they have striven to overcome the natural urges in the name of piety .that is why we now have the anti gay movement,along side pedophile priests.
as well as the "new"feminist movement that for some reason is anti-sex.seeking to criminalize all sex work,porn,striping,and prostitution.even if all he participants are consenting be fair people being forced into sex work against their will is wrong and should be illegal.
however those who choose of their own free will to do sex work should be allowed to do so.cultural/religious Morales be damned.
Porn has a limited use in our society,i wouldn't plaster it on prime time T.V but for consenting adults,fine.
I never cared for striping personally,but if women choose to do that as work,I'm OK with that.
As for prostitution,well i look at it this way,if person A wants a "cheese Burger",and person B gives a rely good"cheese burger",and is willing to provide said "burger"for a price i see no reason why that trans action shouldn't take place.
The only valid argument that i can see against prostitution is the drug addiction angle.
which i address in my video.
I encourage all reply s, Thank You.

Friday, May 21, 2010

About yesterday....

So yesterday was draw Muhammad day,did i participate? no,to put it simply.
i had taken part in a protest about four weeks ago at the time that the death threats came out about south park,you know when it was relevant to current the "have you seen this man ?"campaign by gothatfunk was a civil one.even getting some Muslims to participate,not by drawing Muhammad of course ,but participating short it was a positive event in the end.draw Muhammad day was less so,the spirit was there,but since it had festered for a month a lot of negativity came out.
in the end whole country's had their Internet shut off. reducing the amount of free speech in the world,not defending the bans on certain web sites is temporary ,and when they come back it will all still be there,the Internet is forever as we all know.
i can't help but wonder what the long term consequences will be from all of this?
will this help or hurt our relations with Islamic country's?
will this lead to Islam taking a more moderate path?
can we pull something positive out of this whole debacle?
i sure would like some answers to these questions,and i think that time will tell.
in the end. here is my may nineteenth video explaining why i won't do draw Muhammad day,i had debated this with my self for some time ,and when i saw a video by itsthesuperfly i made up my mind.
to wrap this up ,....I'm not the type of guy to go around travelling on my own turds.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My evolution battles

now battles might be to strong of a word for it ,but irritant isn't strong enough. i have been watching videos a lot lately that are trying to disprove i know that evolution and religion have nothing to do with one another but some one forgot to tell the fundies,or at least they weren't listening.considering that as much as 68% of Americans don't accept evolution ,or science in general in my mind this is one of the major Battle lines in the war on reason. this is linked to religion by religion ,i don't know how to fix this any other way but to speak out often and non stop.although i think that my lack of advanced degrees is holding me back hear.well at this time it cant be helped ,I AM WHAT I AM! enjoy the video,i mean it about sasquatch.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

the former high priest of Satan,yeah right.

this was an answer to an atheist making a "no true Scotsman "fallacy.well actuality it is my clarification.

Friday, May 7, 2010


I thought that i would put my two cents in on i just need to spell check before i up load. oh well,i will get better. this is a new medium to me.learning new ways to communicate has been the high point of going online for me.i hope this is enjoyable, well.
now i know that links haven't been working for my blog,but if you copy and paste you can see some of the science that backs up my claims.
national geographic
maybe the links will work now,ether way check them out,good learning to be had.
now i know that i was a little soft on religion in the video,but the audience i would like to reach with this message is a little sensitive on the subject.the truth is that the correlation between 68% not accepting evolution,and 70 to 80% of Americans being Christian is defiantly linked. but if i were to be pounding the atheist rhetoric they would be less likely to listen,and i want this meme to take.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Latest you tube venture.

well this is my latest video,thought i should be a Little more clear on who i am , and what i think. also why i chose my screen name h8red42. i like you tube,but it takes time. If you want to just fire off some thoughts blogger is the way to go,but you tube has a bigger potential audience.