Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Inventergorilla

Trying to explain the Occupy movement to a right winger(so to speak)hope he listens.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Hornet's Nest

So yesterday i went out to my shed to get some tools to do some gardening with.Now the last time i was out there i was using my line trimmer and when i was near the shed i was swarmed by hornets,that was about two or three weeks ago.
they normally have a small nest near there,and aren't too aggressive so i let them pass as long as they are not bothering any one.Hey they are meat eaters,so they hunt other bugs,as long as they stay out of peoples way i figure they have a place in the ecosystem.
How ever when i got swarmed two weeks ago,it was abnormal.I looked for a nest but didn't find it.I knew it was some where but couldn't figure out where.
I didn't get stung by the way.
When i put my line trimmer away i did see some Hornets flying out of the shed,which is unusual,but i didn't think any thing about it.
Skip forward to yesterday.
As i said i went out to get some i opened the shed doors Hornets just pored out.Hundreds of them.
OK i may have miscounted ,but still a lot.
It was to dark to see in the shed to see where they are coming from ,but i knew they had built a nest in there,and it had to be a big one.
So i shut the door,and decided to give up on Gardening for the day.(Thankful that i hadn't gotten stung,they must like me.)
Later Last night i went out after Eleven,when it was dark,Cool,and they were sleeping.
took a Flash light and looked around for the nest.
Just under the table saw there it was,Slightly smaller then a Basketball.
The biggest nest i have ever had to deal with
Unfortunately the Hornet spray i had on hand has a broken cap,i dropped it the last time i had to use it you see.Now when ever i spray some dribbles down my arm,and as much as i enjoy neurotoxin i think i should get a new can.
So today i will go and get some new poison,maybe some expanding foam to plug up the hole they are using to get in the shed(let's face it it is a good winter home for them)and tonight i will Go to War with the hopefully sleeping Hornets.
Fun on a Bun.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Looking for information on Elizabeth Elijah Nikomia, AKA Sherrie Shriner

This is related to the post below

A mighty Cult! an alert.

So there is this cult operating on the web.They are not large(about200 people or so.)but they are getting a reputation,specially on you tube.Their name you ask?"A Mighty Wind"they span several countries,i could spend (waste)time detailing who they are,but a look at their web site says it all.
their docs are being compiled by parties who are fed up with the groups censoring ways.

They have a nasty reputation for turning on former members with a zeal.I know of one who was mercilessly Bullied off of you tube just for disagreeing with them,Those who speak out against them have been known to have D.M.C.A copyright notices filed against them(false ones to be sure)They will go on the attack against any one whom they notice spreads the word that they are a cult.They need to have a spotlight shone on them.if for no other reason than to keep the vulnerable away.
the information that has been gathered so far(all of it is in the public domain,no privacy has been violated.) Public records on WHOIS for
Registrant: Alpha & Omega All Mighty Wind Holy Ghost Fire Church P.O. Box 478 Wheatfield, IN 46392 US Domain Name: ALMIGHTYWIND.COM Administrative Contact : Elijah, Rev S.Sherrie 05013 PO Box 190 Jefferson, OR 97352 US Phone: 619-218-2101 Technical Contact : Macri, Robert robertm@ZID.COM 3955 Isabelle Brossard, Qc J4Y 2R2, CA Phone: 450-659-6505 Fax: 450-659-9000
Now you know.
This post is mostly to tuck the information away so it will still be available in case of legal action. Hooray for not being popular!
that being said,if we can keep people away from this's all worth it.

Monday, May 9, 2011