Monday, February 25, 2013

Flagging issues

You know, from time to time people try to silence others that they disagree with on line by flagging their content as abusive,or harassing. Of course this never works.
One such attempt was the latest video by klinschlor,,having a "debate" with Dawah films.The first being a skeptic who is fluent with Islam,the former being a Muslim, of ill repute by some.
Now in this "Debate" which went over several videos,in my opinion,Dawah got his ass handed to him.and some one got their panties in a twist not wanting Islam to be defamed they started Flagging or reporting this video to make it go away.Of course that never other You Tube Channels started to Mirror this Video they started to get Flagged as well. when i saw it happening i put up this Flag warning...

after that i actually got to watch this Video(every time i tried before it had been flagged down)
I found nothing Flaggable in my opinion
Here make up your own mind,
or if that one is flagged try,
or you can go here to down load your own,
 of course there is this video.

Fighting censorship One Video at a time.

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