Monday, February 25, 2013

Setting the new testament straight,

Well sort of. I responded to a You Tube user "Godveiwsutube" I think that is how he spells his name.
He was asking" How come i don't see any one from the first century saying it's all false if it is just a fairy tale?" I gave him my best answer here.
It's funny to see the responses of Christians who don't think so.
I mean i'm not claiming to be a Biblical scholar,But the Biblical scholars i do read are pretty consistent.
Both those that believe,and those who don't.
Aside from Paul Of Tarsus,the early books of the new testament were written about 45 years after the event(if it even happened)and yet i got comments like this.

As far as i know the Torah does not support the New testament,and as for"Peter read the Gospels 45 days after the Resurrection there was a pregospel(sic)"
Says Who? We don't know when Jesus was Crucified certainly not from the gospels,so how could any one know when forty five days was? Let alone who read what? You'd think that if that kind of information was available it would be known. I'd like to know which hole he pulled that out of,but this particular tuber doesn't cite sources,and gets bitchy when pressed.
the guy i first made this video response to responded with,
He is claiming that the gospels were written thirty five years sooner that Biblical scholars do,Once again i'd like to know where they are getting their information from.
I got a funny feeling there is some Christian Apologist  polluting the well of information.
It's easy to do,as long as what you are saying supports already held beliefs little questioning is done.
this goes for Atheist and Theist alike.
we should always try to cite sources so our work can be verified,but i find with believers we are expected to take what they say at face value.
Sad really.

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