Sunday, July 12, 2009

sunday lazy sunday

nice day to day cool,some rain,some thunder.better than yesterday.yesterday was hot,almost to hot.if i wanted that i would move south.of course i only have to wait for fall.that's not to far off,lets see July is almost half over,than there is August and September,and half way through September the weather changes.soo...two months sort of?now they are saying that we are going to have an ELnino winter,that's OK it just makes fall last longer really.bad for skiers and,makes the next summer kinda dry but a Long cool fall with a warm winter that drags into spring can be nice.power bills will be lower this winter,i can use that.and don't forget the Hanukkah storm,that happened during a ELnino day would be a good day to bake,muffins,chicken,or maybe an lasagna.mmmmmmmmyeh . can you tell its a lazy Sunday?

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