Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of july

so i did some gardening yester day,and i think i may have killed my butterfly i have been told that they don't grow well in pots but this one has been growing in a five gallon bucket for two years now,but it didn't have enough dirt so my wife bought a larger pot to transfer it in went easy enough but i think i damaged some of the roots.any way the branches are drooping like it is hearting,although it is looking a Little better this morning.we will see as it goes along,i think i am going to bar-b-Que today.i haven't done that for a long while now,didn't do it at all last summer.last summer was so cool and damp,the anti-summer that i have been telling people about for years.every so often the Pacific northwest we don't get a real summer.i mean we will get a few hot days,but most days its just in the sixties with clouds.that was last year though,this year is hot and dry,good bar-b-Que weather.i might do a lot of it this year,of course that means i get to drink a lot of beer to. cant complain about that.although (and i hate to admit it)i really like mikes when i -Que to.the berry,Apple,are better than the lemonade,but the lemonade is pretty good to.well i gotta make a list of what to get at the store,meat,...i know i need meat.

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